Upcoming Books

As of this morning I officially have six books at copyright. I am not a patient person so I am ready for the books to be released.

“Squishy the Octopus” is my first children’s book.

“CarnEvil of Souls” – Young/General Adult. This book is about a traveling carnival of vampires.

“Haunted Visions” – Detectives Mike Bailey and Grace Hutcherson are back once again. This time Detective Grace Hutcherson discovers her recent run in with the vampires has left her pyschic ability more pronounced. The dead are calling out to her, begging for her help. In order to stop the serial killer from taking more victims she must learn how to use her new abilities.

“Unrequited Love” The characters from “Horror in the Night” are back once more. Caitlyn Reed has found nothing but misery since Gregory’s arrest. Her friends have abandoned her and she has lost her job. No one believes that she had no idea as to just what kind of person Gregory Ferris truly was. Just when her life has hit rock bottom Gregory kills himself in prison. She is stunned to find out that he has left her everything, including his house of horrors.

Determined to prove to everyone that she is nothing like Gregory Caitlyn decided to move into the old plantation home, free the trapped souls there and restore the home to its original grandeur once more.

Little did Caitlyn know that evil had moved into the old plantation long before Gregory. Now she must solve the mystery that surrounds the plantation if she wants to save those souls trapped inside, and more importantly herself.

“Seduced by Voodoo” The characters from “A Deadly Combination” are back. Detective Mike Bailey has learned that not all evil can be contained in mere walls of a prison. Bianca is hiding deep in the swamps of Louisiana and this time there will be no stopping her plans. She has joined forces with a vampire whose soul is just as black as hers. Together they will make the perfect army of zombies. It is up to Father Mark Trahan, Guy Mayon, Mike Bailey, and Grace Hutcherson to stop this evil from invading New Orleans and then slowly the entire world. It will truly be a fight between good and evil.

“Redemption” – Josie and Tyler are back from “CarnEvil of Souls”. Josie is determined to find her Master and find redemption along the way. She did not want this life he has cursed her with. By day she sleeps and by night she hunts those who do not deserve to walk this earth. Slowly she learns where to find her Master but she also learns that his soul is much blacker than Joshua’s ever was. His family is small but they have lived generations feeding off of the innocent, selling innocent humans for nothing more than blood slaves.