Redacted Scenes from Love’s Embrace

I want to start off by apologizing in the delay of this blog post. Our youngest has been having medical issues these last few years and, as a family, we are learning how difficult dealing with Hemophilia is.

So writing, and all that it entails, has taken a backseat lately.

On the plus side, I did revise “Love’s Embrace”. New scenes were added, and the ‘adult’ intimacy scenes were redacted. So, if you purchase an ebook, paperback or hardback – it will be a ‘clean romance’ version.

Gasp, “What?? Why??” Calm down. Don’t worry. If there is a part of you that loves reading the carnal pleasure scenes, I will share them in this post…

Besides, some of the scenes are just too good not to share. …

WARNING!!!!!! It is about to become very heated… and adult rated…

Adult Scenes Beyond this Point…….

Read at your own risk….

Chapter 10 Redacted Scene

He didn’t know what he was supposed to feel, but as he looked into her eyes he found himself at a complete loss for words.  His heart swelled with longing, if only he had been the one to marry her years ago.  He wished it was his baby she was carrying.  He should have told her years ago how he felt, and then, maybe things would be different today.

For a fleeting moment, he wanted to lean down and kiss those luscious, full lips of hers, but he stopped himself.  As she looked into his eyes, he saw the same longing there that he felt.  This woman was a temptress; the overwhelming attraction he felt for her was an utter distraction.  He told himself that he shouldn’t, couldn’t, take her in his arms and kiss those succulent lips.  He had to control this overpowering magnetism that has him gravitating towards her.

In the next moment, he did something he absolutely should not be doing.  Something he wanted to do for a while now, something that could lead to nothing but trouble – he kissed her.  Her lips moved into his, tempting the last bit of control he had left.

As soon as his lips touched hers, he forgot about why he thought this was such a bad idea.  Her lips were warm and inviting as he brushed his lips back and forth over hers, savoring the feeling.  There was a moment of hesitancy to the kiss before it turned demanding and passionate.  He was surprised by the instant effect her body has on him. Her eyes looked up at him as her lips parted, begging to be kissed once more.  He ran his hands through her hair, loving that the silkiness that felt like pure heaven against his skin.

He wanted her to forget about Bennett.  He only wanted her to know that his heart burned with desire for her.

As his mouth continued to move over hers, his tongue commanded hers.  He tasted every sensual spot as she moaned with pleasure.  That little sound was all it took for his resolve to break.  “You are too tempting of a woman,” he whispered huskily against her ear.


Those words broke any resolve she had left.  Her mind may tell her she must stop, but her body told her that she couldn’t let this moment pass.  Besides, she needed to be wanted, even for a moment.  She deserved some pleasure in her life, to feel passion and pure lust.  There would be no strings attached, and she knew that Kyle wasn’t looking for a commitment from her.  One time would be enough to satisfy her hunger, and to quiet her hormones.

She found her hands moving up his chest and felt his heart pounded ferociously in his chest.  She wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her body firmly against his.  Her eyes sparkled with passion.


His blood began to boil at the mere thought of Bennett putting his hands on this woman, caressing her enticing curves.  Jealousy flowed through him at the thought of how his friend devoured her sweet mouth with his bruising kisses.  He wanted to be the only man who has felt those lips, tasted her sweetness.

This wasn’t right; he should stop himself.  She was still vulnerable.   But there was no imagining Lexi’s eager response to him.  She was every bit as aroused as he was; she wanted him as much as he wanted her.

The sparks between the two were undeniable.  Her body language was inviting, and passion burned in her eyes.  He wanted to rip her clothes off and feel her heated skin against his.

As he kissed her again, he found himself wanting more.  She was like an addictive poison.  Their kiss deepened as passion ignited deep inside of him.  The sexual tension that has been brewing underneath the surface came rushing through.  The kiss went from hot to sweltering in a matter of seconds.

He couldn’t get enough of her body against his but he wanted skin to skin.  His hands slid down her back before grabbing her behind and pulling her even closer to his body.

As the realization entered his sex-starved brain about what he was doing, he backed away from her.  She surprised him by pulling him closer to her.

He often wondered what it would feel like if she touched him.  His dreams were not near as good as the real thing.  As he brought her closer to him, she pulled off his shirt.  He looked deeply into her eyes, not caring if the desire he felt for this woman showed on his face.


Lexi heard her heart pounding in her ears.  She wasn’t sure what came over her, but she wanted to feel him inside of her.  From the way Kyle looked at her, he wanted her just as bad.  Her insides were like pure molten lava as the air in the room thickened with sexual tension.

He slipped her shirt free as his hands caressed her skin.  He unsnapped the hooks of her bra with a quick twist of the wrist and her swollen breasts fell free.  Kyle took her full breasts in his hands as his thumbs rubbed her taut peaks.  “You are so gorgeous,” he said with a huskiness that sent shivers up and down her body.

As he took a nipple in his mouth, the sensations sent a pang of desire straight to her core.  Her nipples tingled as his mouth moved magically over each hard nub.  His touch was so intimate and addictive.  Instinctively, her back arched as her nipple tightened from his touch.  Each touch of his mouth against her body sent a jolt of electricity between her legs.  Trying to ease the constant throb of desire that moved through her body, she rubbed herself against the bulge in his pants.  She wanted to feel him everywhere at once, every inch of her skin craved his touch.

She felt so desired and wanted.  Kyle was reminding her that she was a woman, a very desirable woman.  Before her mind could drift back to what her life was like with Bennett, she told herself to stop it; memories of him would get her nowhere.

She couldn’t get enough of his body.  She ran her hands over his massive shoulders, his muscular back and his broad chest.  As she reached for his zipper, he stopped her.  “Are you sure about this?”

His question penetrated her sex-fogged brain and went straight to her heart.  She wanted him inside of her now.  She needed something to ease the pain that Bennett left in her heart.  She needed to know she could satisfy a man sexually.  Tomorrow, she would deal with the consequences.

She gazed up at him with passion shimmering in her eyes.  It was the most passionate yearning he had ever seen in a woman.  The heat showing in his eyes ignited her blood.  “Is this something you want?”

After kissing him passionately, she said, “I want to feel alive.  I need to know Bennett was wrong, and I am not frigid.  That I can please a man.”

Those words caused his blood to heat and race through his body.  In an instant, his lips devoured hers with a fiery passion that was hotter than any flame.  Instead of answering her, he lifted her skirt as he placed her on the desk.  With his hot breath against her ear, “I need you to touch me.”

Greedily, she lowered his zipper, wanting to feel him in her hands.  As he moved to put his fingers deep inside of her, he whispered in her ear, “You are so wet.”

The pleasure became too much to bear as his arousal throbbed and pulsated in her hand.  He was so hard, silky and enticing.  As her fingers teased the tip of his arousal, he groaned ferociously.  When she stroked him, his tongue probed the depths of her mouth, taunting her to do the same.  Even his kisses aroused her.  “You are so hot.”

Earlier, if someone had told her that she would be making love to Kyle in her office, she would have laughed in their face.  Yet, she was about to do that very thing.  Her hormones screamed for attention as he awakened a need from deep inside of her.  As he showered her body with kisses, her body sizzled with need.

When he moved himself between her thighs, she felt the head of him brush up against her sensitive flesh.  He thrust deep inside of her, filling her body completely.  Cupping her breasts possessively, he slowly rocked his hips back and forth towards her body.

She wrapped her legs intimately around his hips as he continued to thrust deep inside of her.

“Lexi, you take my breath away, I never thought it would be like this.”

“Neither did I,” she gasped.

As he moved inside of her, he rasped, “You are so beautiful.  So tempting.  So desirable.”  He filled her with all of him, “I can’t seem to control myself.”

As the rhythm of his thrusts increased, she called out, “Don’t stop.”

As he brought her to the brink of pleasure, his hands roamed over her body, stroking, and caressing.  Sex has never been this good; no one has ever brought her so much pleasure or made her feel this desirable.

As their bodies moved in unison, she let herself go as the orgasm convulsed through her body.  He held her close to him as her body shuddered tightly against him.  His hot, pulsating climax filled her completely.  This was almost too much to believe.

He placed a palm against her still flushed cheek, “About what happened just now…”

She placed a finger on his lips, stopping the words before they could ruin the moment, “We both wanted this.  We are two grown adults who had a need and fulfilled it.  You did something for me that no one else has ever done; you made me feel desirable.  I don’t want this to ruin our friendship, it means too much to me.  Let’s just say tonight was a small detour in our lives.”

Chapter 11 Redactions

As he moved in closer, she wrapped her hands around his neck.  Her body was soft against his hard body.  She relished the way his mouth moved against hers.  Her hands slipped under his shirt and felt the warmth of his bare skin become hotter by the minute.  She let her dress fall off of her shoulders and tempted him with her breasts barely contained by the lace bra that she wore.


Just the scent of her had his libido on overload.  The feel of her against his body was enough to send him to heaven.  He wanted to taste every square inch of her delectable body.

His mouth teased her breasts, and one of his hands left a trail of shivers over her entire body as he made his way down her body.  By the time his finger slipped into her hot, wet folds, she was delirious with desire.

He had to slow down before he ravished her body.  He wanted to worship this beautiful woman before taking her.  What little willpower he had left in his body evaporated when she took his manhood into her hands and stroked him.

He closed his eyes and lost himself in her touch.  It amazed him that this woman could ever doubt her sensuality.  He could never stop wanting her.


Lexi eased out of a deep sleep as Kyle’s warm breath tickled her neck.  Not wanting to move away from his embrace, she curled up into the body curving behind hers.

The early morning sunlight crept through the blinds as she watched the shadows dance across the floor.  As usual, Kyle had given her encore after encore of mind blowing orgasms.  Every time she told herself that this was positively the last time; she couldn’t seem to keep that promise.  The man was addicting, and if she wasn’t careful, she could lose her heart to him.

She loved the way he looked at her when they made love.  She didn’t feel like a woman who was gaining weight at an alarming speed.  Instead, she felt sexy, desirable.  Once again, she cursed Bennett and his put downs.  She shouldn’t let what he said upset her, but lately his comments have become even more hurtful.

Kyle smiled, “I was hoping to wake up before you.  I had envisioned bringing you coffee in bed, and then to thank me, you would ravish my body.”

Slipping her arms around his neck, she kissed him with as much passion as she had shown last night, “Mmmm that would have been nice.  I can always pretend to be asleep.”

As Kyle worked his magic on her body with his hands, Lexi forgot about the negative comments Bennett had said to her recently.

Chapter 12 Redactions

Again, neither of them wanted the night to end, so they both stood on her front porch with the scent of gardenias clouding Lexi’s senses.  When he reached out for her, she fell into his arms.  Suddenly, they were kissing fervently.

He took the keys from her hands and unlocked the door.  They made their way into the house, neither breaking contact.  Her body felt wondrous as his mouth continued to devour hers.

Picking her up, he carried her off to her bedroom.  They discarded their clothes in a heated fury.  Her breasts yearned to be touched by him; her whole body ached to be touched by him.  Heat pooled in her very core as the delicious sensations of his touch enveloped her.

He took her taut nipple in his mouth as his hand trailed down her body before finding a home between her thighs.  The chemistry between the two of them was inexplicably intense that making love to Kyle seemed so natural tonight.

She knew that this was wrong; she shouldn’t be risking their friendship over sex.   As she looked over his well-defined chest and hard, muscular body, she knew there was no way that she could fight the temptation.  She wanted him so much right now.  She wanted his hands caressing every inch of her body as he released her pent up sexual energy.  “Make love to me, Kyle.  I want to feel alive.”

Since she was pregnant, she realized that no one would want to get involved with her.  It wouldn’t be long before she was fat and wobbling all over the place.  Soon a new life would demand her time.  But right now, Kyle made her feel like a desirable woman.

As he kissed her once more, fireworks spiraled throughout her body until she was dizzy with passion.  As they finished the kiss, Lexi looked deep into Kyle’s eyes and saw the desire he felt for her.  He pulled her closer, his erection pressed into her body.  His hardness pushed into her softness.  Every nerve in her body responded to his touch.


Right now all she wanted was no strings sex, no emotional ties yet he wanted something so much more.  He wanted to tangle her up in his heart as well as the sheets.  With her, he could see a relationship in his future.  He has never thought of forever after, yet he found himself wanting a future with this woman.  For now, though, he had to be content and settle for what she was willing to offer.  “With pleasure.”

Chapter 15 Redactions

As she tucked a loose tendril behind her ear, he felt his body heat rise.  Just that one simple move sent his libido into overdrive.  His eyes wandered to her breasts once more.  They were the perfect size for him, not too large, but enough to fill his hands.  His gaze traveled from her breasts to her delicate neck.  Yes, he thought to himself; the neck was where he would start his kissing.  Her neck was made for kissing.  He wanted to bury his hands in her gorgeous, silky tresses as he kissed every square inch of her body.

Anxious to get her back home, he quickly paid the bill.  With the traffic on the road being light, they made it back to her house in under twenty minutes.  As soon as he had her inside of her house, he pinned her against the wall and yanked off her shirt.  Buttons scattered and bounced across the floor as he took in her body.  He freed her breasts from the bra and took in the sight of her nipples.  They were the perfect shade of pink for her luminous skin.  With a groan, he bent his head and took one of those little treasures into his mouth and swirled his tongue around the tight peak.  His tongue continued the long, delicious rasp as he continued to suck.  Lexi cried out in extreme pleasure.

By the time they made it to the bedroom, their clothes were discarded, trailing behind them.  As she moved down his body, he noticed that she was the perfect fit for his body.  Pulling her up to him, he slowly began to move inside of her.  Her body was tight around his.  When he looked into her face, he could see the love she felt for him.

Chapter 25 Redactions

His hands slipped through her hair and tenderly cupped her jaw.

His lips blazed a trail from her neck to her shoulders and back.  As he unzipped her dress, it fell gracefully to the floor.  Lexi heard his sharp intake of breath as he looked over her body.  “Your body is more beautiful with each passing day.”  She loosened his pants and felt his arousal for her as it pressed against her body.

In one swift move, he carried her off to the bedroom.  Once they were on the bed, he moved his attention to her breasts.  He rained tiny kisses over each of them, cupping them in his hands to bring them closer to his mouth.  When his warm lips closed over one taut nipple, she moaned as she closed her eyes and let the sensations take over her body.   Desire coiled through her body while he suckled and nipped.  Her hands grabbed at the bed covers as he turned his attention to her other breast, giving it the same tortuous attention.  She was wet and ached with need for him.

She ran her hands over the ridges of his stomach muscles and the firm skin of his thighs, slowly moving to his erection.  She reveled in the smooth, hard feel of him.  There was such an intensity of emotions flooding her body right now.  No one has ever shown her this much tenderness and caring for her pleasure.

One of his hands slowly moved down her body to find her apex of need.  He gently pinched the tiny nub before tenderly caressing it.  When she looked into his eyes, she saw that his gaze was all heat.  She has never seen such fire in a man’s gaze.  Pleasure vibrated through her as his fingers worked their magic.  He felt warm and solid against her body and with his arms around her; she felt the love and affection she has been missing for so long.

With his slow and steady movements, her body was awashed in need and passion.  She felt herself going over the edge and into satisfying oblivion.  She heard his cry of release as she felt his final, sharp thrust.

Chapter 27 Redactions


Anticipation pulsed through her body as the hand caressing her back moved closer to her side.  He rolled her onto her back and looked deeply into her eyes and kissed her with hot determination.  She clung to him as the kiss deepened.  Their legs tangled as their bodies moved together.

“It drives me crazy having you this close to me,” he growled into her ear.

Passion unfurled in her belly as he untied her robe.  She waited with bated breath for his hand to seek out her breast.  His thumb teased her already tightened nipple as she arched her back to him.

Reaching up, she cupped his face and kissed him as he slipped the robe off of her body.  When his fingers began to move inside of her, she gasped in delight as flames of desire heated her body.  Her hands ran through his hair as waves of pleasure moved through her body.  She could feel the blood coursing through her body as the excitement built with each intimate touch.   When his thumb circled her sweet bud, she lost all control and felt herself convulsing around his finger.  Instead of stopping, he continued torturing her with his intimate touch.  Her belly tightened as the searing heat swept through her body from climax after climax.

He quickly finished undressing and hovered over her body.  When he moved inside of her, the intense sensations assaulting her body made her lightheaded.  She savored the hot friction of him moving inside of her.  With one more hard thrust, she felt him find his own release orgasm deep inside of her.  The feeling caused her to lose complete control as she convulsed around him once more.

As he rolled off of her, he pulled her close and whispered in her ear, “I can’t seem to stay away from you.  I tried, but it is too hard.”

“I can’t promise you where this will go Kyle.”

Kissing her, he replied, “I am not asking you to.”  Right now, more than anything, she wished she could give this man her heart, but she was still stinging from Bennett’s betrayal.  Could she trust something that felt so natural, so easy?  There had to be a catch somewhere.

Chapter 28 Redactions

Unable to help himself, he nuzzled her neck and let his lips trail down the side of it, making her very core sizzle in anticipation of what was to come.  Her head dropped to one side, allowing his lips to explore her neck further.  His hands greedily explored her body.


Lexi became very aware of the man in front of her; he was a seething kettle of testosterone.  Every hormone in her body was going crazy in hopes of meeting the masculine lure.  She couldn’t help that she wanted him; her hormones controlled her every move.  He made her body sing as she surrendered herself to him.  She allowed her body to melt into his as she felt his masculine heat radiating off of his body.

She let out a deep sigh as he continued his onslaught of blissful kisses on her body.  She didn’t ever want him to stop.  As his mouth descended on her, she lost all ability to think.  Her response was automatic to his ravishing kiss, pure want.  She entwined her tongue with his, exploring and tasting him.

His hands roamed possessively over her now responsive body.  He continued to stroke and heightened her desire until she spun out of control.  She ran her fingers through his wavy hair as the kiss intensified.

His body pulsated with need as his hand hovered over her stomach.  “I never meant for this to start, but now I can’t stop myself.”

He pushed her down on the couch, nudged her legs open and nestled between her thighs.  She tugged at his shirt and pulled it off, tossing it behind her.  Her eyes devoured his chest.  He pulled off her dress and feasted on her body.

Her hands ran through his wavy hair as his mouth moved further down her body.  Lexi found herself caught up in the sensations rushing through her body.  Heat sizzled over every nerve ending in her body.  His tongue sent white hot desire straight to her very core.  Her back arched with the need for even more contact from his talented fingers.  She moaned in delight as his fingers increased their pace.  She was mindless with raw need, and his lips continued the erotic torture on her breasts.

“I know what you need, it’s the same thing I need.”  As he entered her, waves of pleasure erupted from every part of her body.  She has never felt so connected to anyone before.  With each thrust, fireworks built up inside of her body.  Her body quivered around him.

As he continued to thrust even faster, fireworks erupted inside of her.  His kiss swallowed her scream as though he wanted to absorb every bit of pleasure coming from her.  She surrendered herself to his complete possession.  Her body clenched around him as the orgasm sent fireworks from her head to her toes.  She continued to ride the waves of pleasure that traveled through her as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body.  They both screamed out in ecstasy at the same time.  Before rolling off of her, he kissed her intensely.  He placed a hand on her stomach and gazed into her eyes.  He smiled as the baby gave him a swift hard kick.  “You may just have a football player on your hands.”

“I have been saying the same thing.  This child likes to kick up a storm.”

He bent down and kissed her stomach.  “I don’t know about you, but I am hungry.”

“I am always hungry lately.”

Chapter 29 Redactions

She knew what she wanted before they even made it inside her house.  As he closed and locked the door, she moved into his arms.  Taking each side of his face, she told him, “Thank you so much for supper.”

She grabbed a handful of his shirt and brought his head down to hers.  Her lips devoured his.  Not giving him a chance to make the first move, her tongue delved into his mouth.

She pushed his jacket off of his body and listened to it hit the floor with a short thud.  Her hands immediately began to finish undressing him.  She wanted his naked body next to her now; she couldn’t wait.

He took her hands in his, “There is no reason to rush.”

“I want you now!”  She didn’t know what has come over her, but she wanted him to be inside of her now, at this very minute.

She removed her clothes, letting each article drop to the floor in a careless heap.  His eyes looked at her with the same intense passion she felt.  Scooping her up into his arms, his lips smashed onto hers as he finished removing the last articles of her clothing.

As she ran her hands up and down his bare chest, her eyes took in his magnificent chest.  Every time she saw it, she desperately wanted to touch him.  With each kiss, she felt her body growing hotter, her blood turning to liquid heat.

Neither wanting to release the other, they stumbled into her bedroom and landed on the bed in a tangle of arms and legs.  Once safely on the bed, she let her lips take over for her hands, kissing every square inch of his naked body.  By the time she made it back to his lips, his eyes were blazing with desire.

Just when she thought she could take no more, his tongue replaced his fingers.  His mouth sent shudders of desire to her very core.  The only sensation she was experiencing right now was from his exceptional touches.

When he looked at her, she saw love in his eyes and she felt her heart opening to him.  Was this the man meant for her?  Had she overlooked his love for her this whole time?

As he entered her, they stared deep into one another’s eyes.  What she saw was enough to scare the hell out of her.  The raw emotions of divorce were still too close to the surface for her to lose her heart to another man.

She whispered in his ear, “Faster.”  On cue, the urgency returned as his thrusts become faster.

Even after making love, there was a connection.  With Kyle’s arms wrapped tightly around her, they both fell sound asleep.

Chapter 31 Redactions

He knew that he shouldn’t have come over, but he couldn’t get her out of his mind.  She was like a drug that an addict craved.  His body pulsed with need, unsure if she would reject him or not.

He didn’t want this kiss to end.  Hunger clawed deep inside of him.  He wanted to taste every inch of her.  He wanted to feast on her.  Not wanting this feeling to end, he took her in his arms and pulled her closer.


Heat skimmed along her nerves as his hands slid up and down her body.  Any objection she may have floated away with his kisses.  Later, she may be sorry, but for now, she couldn’t resist his kisses.  As rushed to her bedroom, they shed their clothes at her bedroom door.

She let out a low, throaty moan as he nibbled on her neck.  Warmth coiled deep inside, flaming up higher and higher.  His lips took possession of her once more; passion ignited in her body.  As his hands traveled along her spine, her body melted into his.  She gripped his shoulders and clung to him.  Her body became nothing more than a vessel for passion; she vibrated with need for him, and her blood was liquid desire.

As his hands slid over her breasts, her legs became weak.  Her breath caught as his hands slipped underneath her shirt.  He cupped her breasts and squeezed softly.  As his fingers teased her nipples, she shivered with delight.  His touch felt so good; she wanted it to go on forever.  Her body craved his touch.

She leaned into him even more.  He smelled heavenly; there was a heady mixture of musk, citrus and spice that mixed so well with his virile scent.  This powerful combination warmed her blood and sent desire radiating through her entire body.  As if sensing her desire, he moved his hands up and down her arms.

She whispered his name against his heated skin as a jolt of electricity moved through her.  Moisture pooled between her legs as she begged for more.

She almost lost complete control when he feathered his thumbs over her erect nipples.  His tongue teased her lips until he opened her mouth to his.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her body close to his.

She quivered in his heated embrace.  The feel of his hands on her bare skin drove her wild with need.  She clawed at his clothes, needing to feel bare flesh.

She ran her hands up and down his bare chest reveling in the feel of his taut muscles covered with the crisp hair.  It reminded her of silk over steel.  Crying out in need, she rubbed against him.

Unable to resist touching him any longer, she slipped her hands into his briefs and wrapped her hand around his erection.  Its searing heat was almost too much for her.  She stroked his hard, throbbing flesh.  When she took him in her mouth, the pleasure for him became unmanageable.  He tangled his fingers in her silken hair.  The feeling of her lips and tongue on his burning flesh scorched him.

He pulled her up to him and kissed her.  Their tongues danced as his hands explored her naked body.

Unable to take anymore, he quickly finished undressing, rolled her onto her back and teased one of the erect nipples with his mouth.  She moaned in delight as his tongue tormented one breast, then the other.  She allowed his hands to explore, to play, to kiss, and to touch.

Need building inside her turned to an ache that had to be soothed.  Sexual heat engulfed her whole body.  Unable to take any more of this sweet torture, she begged him, “I need you, now.”  When he entered her, it was pure heaven.

A low groan escaped his mouth.  She was like liquefied silk.  Fireworks erupted throughout her body as she climaxed multiple times.  Her body quivered with delight as waves of ecstasy rolled over her.

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