Book Subscription Box Now Available

Calling all book lovers – Whether you’re addicted to reading, obsessed with collecting autographed books, or simply have a love for all things book related… This box is for you!

Here’s a fun way to add to your personal library or give to a special friend. I offer a wide variety of genres and book types that cater to all ages.

Do you have a book lover in your life? This is your one-stop shop to finding the perfect present without all the fuss!

Are you a sucker for romance? I have a romance book that teases all your emotions.

Read. Get caught up in the excitement. Repeat.

I now make it easy—and fun—to discover my books and treat yourself to a few surprises as well.

How it works

Get one of my books autographed and delivered to your door in a fun-to-open box.

Your book will arrive with a few small surprises tucked inside the box. (Warning – Side effects may include a sudden urge to cancel all your plans and read.)

Upon arrival dive in and indulge

Once your book arrives, you decide when it’s a good time to curl up and get lost in a gripping story. When you are ready. come back and do it all again.

The options are endless and can be easily customized.

How the idea came about…..

My daughter is addicted to subscription boxes, but sometimes she despises waiting a month. So for this reason we wanted to create a listing where the customer could purchase a box when they wanted.

Each box is a bit like opening a gift on Christmas – you never know exactly what’s inside! Most of the items in the box are hand made by me, so you can be sure that your collection of goodies will be unique and special, and not something easily found in a store- although may include some extra treats that I have found and thought were cute and should be included, as well! Each box will contain a very generous assortment of items that will vary based on availability. No two boxes will be the same, so no matter what you get, your box will be your very own. 🙂 I want you to be excited to get your box and very happy with the contents, so I hope to pack in as much as possible.

Touch of Romance

Home with the Flu

Down on the Bayou

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“The Hideaway” and “The Traveler” are sure to keep you in suspense with each turn of the page. What twisted tortures will these serial killers use on their victims? Can anyone stop these ellusive killers?

“Dr. Frankenstein” is a medical malpractice thriller that will have you wondering which experiment he will perform next on a patient.

“Above Suspicion” is for those suspense thriller lovers that want to be kept on the edge of their seat but without all the gory details of the murder. Step into the mind of the killer as he searches for the perfect and obedient wife.

In “Deadly Seduction” men are being found dead in their hotel room. Detective Brett Landry fears that they are dealing with a female serial killer, one who knows how to cover her tracks very well. Could the killer be the very seductive reporter who seems to show up at all the crime scenes?

“Horror In The Night” (available on eBook only) is for those who love gore and suspense. Greg Ferris loves to scare people that is why his Haunted House is so popular. Critics and fans all wonder how he gets his props to look so likelike. Ferris is always careful to find his “props” far from home. That is until he falls in love. He can’t seem to stay away from his new love but he is on a deadline and the new Haunted House will be opening soon. “House of Wax” inspired me to write this book.

“Echoes on the Bayou” and “Seven Deadly Sins” involve one of my favorite characters to date, Detective Jo Melancon. Follow her and Detective Chad Picou as they search the streets of Bear Corner, Louisiana for the killer.

“A Kiss So Deadly” is a paranormal romance/thriller that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat with each turn of the page.

The books are available in paperback and eBook on Kindle, Nook, iBook, smashwords and many more iReaders.

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A Kiss So Deadly

“A Kiss So Deadly” is not only my first true paranormal romance but it is a book that holds a special place in my heart.

My parents and I worked on this book to make sure the little details were correct. My dad’s family did have a plantation home for many generations. I actually have a dresser that was built from some of the wood in that plantation home. This particular dresser was handmade as a wedding gift from my dad.

During the late 1800’s a murder did occur on the plantation grounds.

The haunted plantation I write about in the book existed as well. It was a family home for an aunt’s husband. Several times when we would visit my aunt you could find the piano mysteriously playing.

A presence could be felt in the house but it was never one that caused you to fear it.

My in laws worked with me on the historical facts. My husband’s family made their way to Louisiana by Nova Scotia. I had wanted to include the plight that the Cajuns went through to get here. It was my no means a pleasant experience. Some were torn from their loved ones while in Nova Scotia and forced to leave their homes that they had worked hard to build.

“A Kiss So Deadly” can be found at and Soon on Nook and iBook.

Bridgette Marquette finds herself torn between 2 men but could one of them have sinister motives? A Kiss So Deadly