Deadly Seduction

In the shadows of the room she waits to make her move.  She watches him, calculating and wondering if he is her true love.  Her life is so cold and empty without love.

If only he knew how desperately she needs him, needs his love.  Teasingly, she walks across the room.  The candlelight flickers romantically across the room.  The setting is perfect.  He is the one.  She knows it…

Then she catches a glimpse of his wedding ring.  He thought he had hidden it, but there it is.  He is supposed to be the one.  Why is he doing this to her?  She can’t take another woman’s husband.  When will it be her turn?  What about her desires?

Anger rips through her body; rage consumes her very being.  She moves swiftly, her vengeance final.  Poison flows from her fangs.  The rest is a blur.  She will make this cheating bastard suffer just like he made her suffer.  Fair is fair after all.

Detective Brett Landry is forty years old and wondering when time passed him by.  After serving in the US Army Rangers for eight years he moved back home to be near his parents.  His dad was fighting for his life and he wanted to be nearby while he battled cancer.

By the time the second body is found in a hotel room Detective Landry is fairly certain that their killer is none other than a woman.  This woman is cunning.  She only leaves behind clues that she wants them to find.

As the body count increases, the very seductive journalist, Chloe Matthews, frequently graces the crime-scene with her presence.  Detective Landry can’t help but notice that she is always underfoot.  There is something about the woman that really gets under his skin.  The woman is pure trouble, trouble he should stay away from.

Whenever they are near sparks fly.  Neither are sure how long they can hold off before they give into temptation……

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