The Hunter


Welcome to Hope, Louisiana.  The cobblestone streets remind you of times past.  With very little crime in this quaint town, everyone goes about their daily tasks with little disruption, but without warning… things start to change.  And not for the better.

The best part of being a Hunter is watching as your prey scatter once they realize they are in your sights.  Hope has turned into the perfect hunting grounds for me.  But now, it’s time to show everyone the masterpieces that I have created.

It’s time to step out of the shadows and into the light so that they can all realize, the town they thought was safe….. Isn’t.

My displays are doing what I want them to do, they are drawing attention and bringing me into the spotlight.  Where I belong.  But then I saw her, Detective Jordan Sanders, and I knew that she was going to be the ultimate masterpiece that I would ever create.  The only hiccup in capturing her was her new-found boyfriend, FBI Special Agent Alex Hamilton.

But everything will work out.  It always does.

Welcome to Hope, Louisiana.  Where the reality of the shadows is brought right to your doorstep.  Open your door and let me in, if you dare.

The Traveler


A new nightmare is about to unfold for Jordan Sanders. The Hunter is finally being transported to Springport, Louisiana but someone has different plans. Evil lurks, waiting to set The Hunter free.

The Traveler seeks vengeance against those who tormented him in school. Death is too good for them. What he has planned is far worse.  Now that he has found a kindred spirit, they will be unstoppable.  

Special Agent Jackson O’Riordan has suspected that a serial killer has been eluding detection, traveling across the United States killing unsuspecting men and women. Now he fears that his suspicions are correct, and this same killer has taken on a partner.

As the body count rises, will this sadistic duo be stopped?  Or have they found the perfect Hideaway. 

Come Count with Evangeline


Come join Evangeline and Chloe the Crawfish in this next adventure.  Along the way you will learn not only how to count, but count in Cajun French as well.

Evangeline and Chloe are on the way to their favorite fishing hole.  I wonder how many friends they will meet along the way.  Come along and count with me.

The Nightmare Witch Saga


A surprise inheritance brings Lizzy Bradford and her father to Blackwater Bayou, Louisiana.  But the house is the smallest of the surprises in store for young Lizzy.

Growls and snarls, teasing and pranked, Lizzy’s life seems to be going…. Wait… Growls and snarls?  That can’t be normal!  

Lizzy starts to learn more about her past, and the secrets that her mother had hidden from her father as the past comes back to haunt the future. With the help of her new friend, Marie, Lizzy must look deep within herself to find the strength to not only believe in, but also battle The Nightmare Witch.

Unrequited Love


Forbidden love… Murder…Ghosts… Hidden treasure… Holy water… Voodoo…

All of these take place at Whispering Willows.

Whispering Willows Plantation was a place that knew love, loss, heartache, and anger. When things take place that causes a chain reaction that affects not only Whispering Willows, but also the people who live there, you learn that sometimes people leave more behind than they realize.

Caitlyn Reed’s life changed drastically when she met Gregory Ferris, and not for the best in the long run.  When she finds out what Gregory has done at Whispering Willows, she decides she has to do what she can to release the evil that he has left on the amazing home. What she didn’t realize was that it wasn’t just Gregory’s evil that had taken over the home, but someone else’s–someone from the past.

Murder isn’t something that Pointe Creole hasn’t dealt with in the past. When a new string of murders leaves the police with no leads, that’s when Caitlyn realizes there might just be more to the noises the old house is making.

With the handyman, Scott, by her side, Caitlyn embarks on her mission to rid the house of the evil. While at the same time, trying to ensure that the murderer that is on the loose isn’t after her as well.

Will Caitlyn be able to free Whispering Willows of the evil that haunts it, or will it be too much for her? Are the police of Pointe Creole going to be able to catch the serial killer before another woman is found?

If you enjoy reading suspenseful books that have a few twists of romance, murder, and paranormal, then join the journey through time on Whispering Willows Plantation.

CarnEvil of Souls


Come one, come all, and join in the fun.  The CarnEvil of Souls is only open at night.  Do you dare enter this Land of Illusion?

Joshua has spent centuries making sure that his carnival is one of a kind.  Instead of the bearded lady, you get vampires; no wolf boy to capture your attention instead you get werewolves.  Leave your imagination at home when you visit because the reality is more frightening than anything you can make up for yourself. 

Pay your admission, enter the gates, yell and scream … Yes, just like every carnival you have went to except at this one the admission could be your very soul, your screams could be your worse nightmare coming true!  

Will the people of the town discover the difference between fantasy and reality before it’s too late for them?  

With time being limited before the CarnEvil disappears as quickly as it arrived, Private Investatgators Guy Mayon and Mike Bailey have to find out who is behind all the 
missing people. 

Can they close down the CarnEvil of Souls forever or will it continue on the path of evil?

Above Suspicion

SEE MORE BYMary Theriot


Detective Rick Baptiste moved to Bayou Black, Louisiana to get away from the senseless violence that seemed to plague the city of N’Awlins.  After years of working homicide in N’Awlins, Detective Baptiste saw how truly twisted the human mind can be.  Now that same evil seems to have infiltrated this peaceful town he has been calling home these last few months.  

At first it was just reports of young women going missing.  Now with the discovery of the latest victim’s body he is convinced they are dealing with a killer who has no intentions of stopping. 

Who among the citizens of Bayou Black could be doing this?  The deaths of these young women are much later than when they were reported missing.  Where are they being held?  What makes him kill them after a certain period of time?  

And to make matters worse for Detective Baptiste the Assistant District Attorney Kathryn Bryant starts making demands on the case.  The woman is just as headstrong as she is beautiful. In his mind that’s a dangerous combination.  If she is here it can only mean trouble.

A Cajun Easter Evangeline Celebrates Pacques


Evangeline, Chloe the Crawfish and all of their friends. are anxious for Pacques and the Easter Egg Pocking Contest.  Come along and join the fun as they celebrate a Cajun Easter.

Along the way you will learn a few more Cajun French words.



Mystery… Intrigue… Voodoo… Witches… Ghosts… Vampires…

Detective John Newman had done his research on the City of New Orleans, Louisiana, yet nothing would prepare him for what he discovered after moving here. After learning that there was a Paranormal Unit in the police force, he thought he had heard it all. That was, until he found himself partnered up with someone not entirely human.

Haunted by her past, Josie seeks out the monster who condemned her soul to hell over a century ago. With the help of her boyfriend, Tyler, who is a Rougarou and on a mission of his own, Josie sets out to seek redemption. What they didn’t expect was to stumble upon a deadly secret, one that goes deeper than either of them envisioned.

As Josie and Tyler are targeted because they found out what was happening, she begins to fear that no one around them can be trusted, even Detective John Newman.

Seven Graves of Evil

Rosewood Plantation…..

After her husband’s death, Nicki Brady was unsure what to do with her life.  Until she saw Rosewood Plantation.  Renovating the plantation would represent resurrection, rebirth, a fresh start.  Nicky Brady saw this as her future.  No more past, no more death.  It was time to move forward.

Only Rosewood Plantation harbored a secret – a gruesome past best left untold.