Evangeline Meets Chloe the Crawfish


Come join Evangeline on her next adventure.  Along the way you will learn a few more Cajun French words.

Evangeline can hear the fish calling her name.  The weather is perfect and the worms, nice and fat.

Now that her chores are done she can finally go fishing.

Chloe the Crawfish and the Rougarou

Come join Evangeline and Chloe the Crawfish in this next adventure.  Along the way you will learn a few more Cajun French words.

Evangeline rushes to warn Chloe the Crawfish and her friends that Ryan the Rougarou is up to no good.

The group of friends must decide on just what they should do.  If not, Ryan the Rougarou will destroy Chloe’s house.


Evangeline’s Gumbo

Evangeline has watched her grand’mere in the kitchen and just knows she can cook a good gumbo.  After all, her grand’mere says that gumbo can be made from just about anything, even scraps of meat.

Come join Evangeline in her first adventure.  Along the way your child can learn a few basic Cajun French words.


Love’s Embrace

This is a story of friendship, love, family, and acceptance. A friendship that has withstood the test of time and has only gotten stronger. A family learning to get along and understand one another. A love uniting and becoming one.

Alexis “Lexi” Bertand’s life could not be more perfect.  And then the unbelievable, or more importantly, the unacceptable happened.  Lexi learned that her husband had been having an affair.  After discovering her husband’s infidelity, a barrage of emotions attacked her.  Anger, disgust, and sadness struck her crumbling ego.  

To make matters worse, Lexi’s family could not understand why she would divorce such a wonderful husband.  But, then again, the ‘D’ word was not in her mother’s vocabulary. Her mother believed a husband’s ‘tiny’ indiscretions should be forgiven, and a divorce should never be considered.

However, Lexi was not as forgiving as her mother. She refused to stay with a man who did not love her.  

Lexi had been so upset over everything that happened with Bennett, she never realized that her monthly ‘friend’  was MIA – missing in action.  That one realization shook her very being.  Still reeling from the impending divorce, Lexi was unsure how to tell her family and friends about the unexpected pregnancy. 

With Lexi’s life in such turmoil, she found herself turning to best friend Kyle for emotional support.  As Lexi and Kyle rekindled the friendship they once had, Kyle found himself falling in love with Lexi. But there were obstacles in his way. Could he raise another man’s child? And this wasn’t any man, this was a man that he had called his best friend for years. And then there was Lexi, a woman who has built a wall around her heart. A wall that seemed to be impenetrable.

As the months passed and Lexi’s due date grew nearer, family bonds were repaired. But Lexi kept her heart protected, fearing it would be difficult to forgive Bennett for his betrayal and unsure if she could ever trust another man. 

Would Kyle’s love be enough to mend her broken heart?  Would the stress of the divorce endanger her unexpected pregnancy?


Dr. Frankenstein

What would happen if a surgeon liked to play God?  Perhaps it is a  surgeon who has a curiosity unlike any other doctor you have encountered?   Dr. Anthony Habersham is a prestigious trauma surgeon at St. Anne’s Hospital in Springport, Louisiana.  When he had you on his operating table last night he could have killed you – he could have, but he didn’t.  However, he can’t guarantee any other minor changes he may have performed on your body won’t kill you later on in life.   He is NOT to be considered an angel of mercy.  He has a reason behind any modifications he may perform to your body.  It is solely because he can and there is nothing anyone can do about it.


A Kiss So Deadly

Lightning flashed around her, thunder crackled in the night sky and suddenly she could hear women crying in the wind.  They were moaning and pleading for help.  She looked down at the water and saw the women’s faces staring up at her, their arms reaching for her to help.  


Love……     Betrayal…….   Murder…….   Ghosts……… A Haunted Plantation……
After the tragic death of her parents, Bridgette turned the family plantation into a Bed and Breakfast.  Now, if only she could keep the ghosts from scaring away her guests.  In all her years of living here, they all seemed to commingle in peace.  Were they possibly upset that she opened the family home to strangers?  
Ever since her passing, Geneviève has wandered the plantation and watched her family grow.  Lately, she has become afraid to wander the grounds.  The beauty of the night was stolen from her.  All that seemed to remain in the darkness of the night was death and evil.  She must warn Bridgette of the evil that lurked these grounds before it was too late.  


A Deadly Combination

What happens when you combine the New Orleans Mafia, Voodoo, Zombies, and Betrayal all in one book?  You get “A Deadly Combination”  
The Mafia Prince has found a way to get to his enemies without ever going near them.  First he must convince the voodoo priestess to help him.  
Bianca Honore has been studying Black Magic in New York ever since she left home.  Her grandmere has called her back home and Bianca cannot refuse.  
Bianca has felt New Orleans calling her of late.  She has a feeling her destiny is waiting for her in the beloved city.  
When The Mafia Prince asks the voodoo priestess to join his family she can’t help but accept.  This will be the perfect opportunity to strengthen her powers.  She wants to be the most powerful voodoo queen that has ever lived.  Nothing will stop her from reaching her dreams.


Echoes on the Bayou

Mia Arnold has moved back to Bear Corner, Louisiana to be closer to her parents.  Mia’s life is going so well.  She believes she may even be falling in love with the handsome Detective Chad Picou. 

Then the hurricane strikes, changing the lives of those living in Bear Corner forever.  They had been lucky and the hurricane spared their small town but it had left a nightmare in its wake.  The hurricane had churned the bayou waters and released bodies from their watery grave. 

Then the unthinkable happened, a local woman went missing.  Detective Picou fears the worst.  With the number of unidentified bodies discovered there is no doubt this monster has been killing for a long time.  With the help of his partner, Detective Jo Melancon, they hunt for this elusive killer.


Book Subscription Box Now Available

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Touch of Romance

Home with the Flu

Down on the Bayou

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The Caitlyn Collection – Refashioned Bleached, Distressed Jeans

Caitlyn has been so busy renovating Whispering Willows Plantation that she didn’t realize she had stumbled upon the perfect way to distress and bleach her jeans – by scrubbing away the gore that Gregory had left behind.

Not only is she repairing the damage Gregory had done to the once majestic plantation, but she has created her own fashion statement,

Besides. no wardrobe is complete without a great pair of distressed jeans, or for those hot days – cutoffs, and these are some of the best pairs around. She can now Take her Style to the Street in these Distressed Jeans, and so can you. They’re wonderful with literally everything. They make the perfect fashion statement – that you are unique.

For the Bleached, Distressed and paint splattered look Size 6

For a Bleached look Size 6

Flare leg Bleached, Distressed Jeans Size 5

Bleached, Distressed Levi’s Jeans Size 6

Bleached. Distressed, Straight Leg Jeans Size 1

Bleached. Distressed Capris Size 28

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