The Evangeline Series and Doll

cajunPlease help me welcome the newest addition to the Evangeline Series, a talking Evangeline Doll. Not only will the books introduce your child to a new Cajun French word, but the doll has also been programmed to help pronounce several of the words you will find in the book(s). You will still have the option…

Writing Process Blog Hop: My Turn!!!

I’ve been invited to participate in a writing process blog hop… it’s a weekly ‘tag you’re it’ deal. I was told the idea was started by Maya Banks.  Make sure to check out her website at .  To be honest, I don’t care who started it.  I absolutely adore this idea. It is a great way to…

Cleaning a Satin Purse Lining

We have all seen expensive name brand purses at garage sales and thrift stores for mere dollars due to the simple fact that the lining was stained with pen ink, makeup stains or even water marks. Or even more heart breaking is purchasing an expensive purse to have an ink pen leave a mark on…

Facebook Giveaway for free Ebook

Let’s heat things up with a Facebook *** Giveaway **** One free Kindle eBook of “Love’s Embrace” – Like and Share THIS post – Make sure to give the page a like – Comment when Done *FaceBook is not affiliated with this Giveaway* Winner will be randomly chosen at tonight at 5PM CST

Product Review for Toms Shoes

I am the queen of flip flops – not out of love but necessity mainly. With my MS I personally find I can’t stand when my feet or neck get hot. It is also a lot easier for me to slip on a pair of flip flops rather than tennis shoes as my everyday shoe….

Other Finds

I also stumbled across these beauties while searching for vintage belts. I may have to start looking for purses instead of belts.

My Newest Find – A Coco Chanel Handbag

While browsing for vintage belts recently I stumbled across this beauty the other day. My husband is still having a fit 🙂 but I’m thrilled. Is there anyone out there who may know what year this is or model? Now I’m trying to do a little research on the bag

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

I wasn’t being frugal when I tried this recipe – I was tired of having to prewash dishes before adding them to the dishwasher. After finding this worked so well I wanted to share it. Not only did the dishes come out clean but the cost is minimal. 1/2 cup baking soda 1/2 cup borax…