More Bracelet designs

I was in the mood to play a little tonight and pulled out all the beads. Here is what Resa and I came up with so far. All are available for purchase on the etsy site DejaVuJewelryandMore via @Etsy

Jewelry Design

I have had a few people ask if I could design a piece of jewelry for them.  As much as I would love to my area of expertise is finding bands and other pieces of jewelry that people are scraping and turning them into something more current or different. I love to find older bands that…

Latest ring Design

Here is a picture of my newest ring design. The setting is white gold with baguettes and small diamonds for the center band. The prongs For the center stone is 14k yellow gold. The center stone is a rare tanzanite. The color of it is beautiful

Etsy Shop

I am finally getting some work done today (although it’s not writing). Here is the link to my etsy shop. Almost all of my current craft projects are available for purchase on etsy. It’s just taken me a while to get it done

Jewelry For Purchase

The link to my etsy store is – I am in the process of setting several more stones on bands that I found. I will be adding colored stones to the collection as well as earrings and pendants. I love finding rings (any jewelry) that people no longer want and are scraping. The possibilities…

Mat’s Anniversary Gift – Belated

So Mat had asked for a Dodge Diesel for his anniversary. I had already started working on his gift. It came out gorgeous. David at Jewelry Design and Repair did a fabulous job in helping to create this Masterpiece. This ring also signifies his life’s journey. I tool several of the rings he no longer…

New Ring Design

So here is my latest ring design. As always I’m torn between keeping it for myself or putting it up for sale. Mat’s ring will be completed next week. The diamonds are being set and it is so beautiful.

Mat’s Anniversary Gift

This is the ring that I am having made for Mat. It is a hunk of gold for sure. I can’t wait to see it when the diamonds are set. The center stone is 1 carat and the surrounding stones are 1/2 carats to 3/4’s. This ring will blind anyone who is near him. Do…