Jewelry Design

I have had a few people ask if I could design a piece of jewelry for them.  As much as I would love to my area of expertise is finding bands and other pieces of jewelry that people are scraping and turning them into something more current or different.

I love to find older bands that are missing stones, etc. and replacing them with a different setting or stone.  I especially like when I find a plain band that I can add my own touches to, which is what I have done to several of my rings.  Old cluster rings are a great find for me because I can remove the cluster and use that as a pendant and save the band for another project, such as adding one larger stone.

If you are looking for someone to design a ring or piece of jewelry for you (or also looking for some FANTASTIC vintage jewelry) I do highly recommend –

Jewelry Repair & Design, LLC

(337) 365-5159

109 E Main St,New Iberia,LA70560

Mat’s Anniversary Gift – Belated

So Mat had asked for a Dodge Diesel for his anniversary. I had already started working on his gift.

It came out gorgeous. David at Jewelry Design and Repair did a fabulous job in helping to create this Masterpiece.

This ring also signifies his life’s journey. I tool several of the rings he no longer wears and melted down. This included his class ring, his Uncle Doo’s wedding and black onyx ring, my original wedding band, and one of the first rings I purchased him after we were married.