Candy Bouquets

One of my favorite things to give is candy bouquets. With each one I make, the more I learn. I discovered by accident one day that wire mesh not only dresses up the vase, but helps hide the picks that hold the candy. To make the sticks holding the candy sturdier, I use floral tape…

Paper Roses

With the holidays fast approaching and my husband still Ill, I am trying to accomplish as many of my projects as I can. Since I still have a few pages from the book left I decided to try my hand at paper roses to include in the candy bouquet. After several failed attempts I finally…

Upcycled Vase

So a friend of mine gave me a bunch of glass vases. My plan is to make candy bouquets for Christmas, but I decided to give them a facelift. This is the before picture. And since I had the interior of the hardback book left from the leather journal I made I decided to modge…

Repurposed Leather Purse

So my daughter, who likes to be original, wanted a unique binder for school. Before I tackled a large project I wanted to start small. I wish I had taken pictures of the before and after of this now. I am impressed with the way it turned out and can’t wait to do another one….

Repurposed Tie Part 2

For the other end of the tie we made a Chapstick holder. When I folded over the end I made sure to see in a keychain ring. I must say I’m pretty impressed with the end results. Since we still has a good bit of tie remaining we also made a key fob.

Repurposed Tie

My daughter has been asking me to help her make a cellphone holder that she would like. She wanted something to clip onto her pants but looked “cool”. While my sewing skills are improving they are still limited in what I can actually do. While going through our stockpile of items to repurpose I stumbled…

New Idea for Gift Baskets

This year as I was putting together the gift baskets Resa came up with a different approach. I must say that her idea is brilliant. Instead of a basket we are using a fully reversible tote bag. We replaced the tissue paper with a crocheted scarf. We are still coming up with something to use…

Making Liquid Soap

Yesterday I decided to venture into making liquid soap from semi-scratch. Resa had a few bars of soap that she loves however we could never find it in liquid form since it came from a recent hotel stay. My mom told me how she melted down soap so I decided to give it a try….

Voodoo Dolls

Resa and I have been super bust this weekend. Today’s project was voodoo doll keychains. They came out way too cute, in a creepy kin The voodoo dolls are available for purchase at DejaVuJewelryandMore via @Etsy