A very big thank you to everyone out there for taking the time to write all the great reviews. I live hearing what you have to say about the books

Romantic Suspense

Find out why Detective Jo Melancon may be my favorite character yet. She’s driven to find our who the killer is in “Echoes On The Bayou” and “Seven Deadly Sins”. Filled with mystery, intrigue and sizzling romance. Available on Kindle, Nook, iBook, smashwords and Kobe

Psychological Thriller

Looking for something to read on this cold, wet day. Curl up with “The Hideaway” and “The Traveler”. They will lee you in suspense with each turn of the page. Available on Kindle, iBook, Nook, smashwords and Kobe

Another Spellbinding Thriller by Mary R. Theriot

Author Mary Reason Theriot gives readers another suspenseful thrill ride in her chilling second book, “The Traveler” David Thorguson is being transferred from Hope, Louisiana to the penitentiary in Springport, Louisiana.  What the authorities don’t know is that The Traveler has different plans for David Thorguson. The Traveler has been torturing victims all along the…

A Compelling Medical Malpractice Thriller

Dr. Anthony Habersham is a prestigious trauma surgeon at St. Anne’s Hospital in Springport, Louisiana.  He, however, may not be the surgeon you want operating on you.  Patients and colleagues consider his bed side manner to be atrocious.  He cares of no one but himself. There is no way to know what minor changes he…

Seven Deadly Sins

In order to free his mother’s soul from purgatory he is ordered to kill those that have sinned against God. These people deserve to die. They have yet to seek redemption for their evil ways. With each kill he waits to see if his mother’s soul is finally set free. Only then can the killing…

A Kiss So Deadly – coming soon

Bridgette Marquette is debated over the sudden death of her parents. She had always known she would inherit the Marquette Plantation but had expected it would be years to come. She is left with no choice but to move back home. The Plantation has been on her family for generations and selling it is not…

Romantic Suspense

“Above Suspicion” will leave you wondering who the killer is with each turn of the page. Is it the hot new detective who just moved to town? This book was written for those who want to be kept in suspense without all the blood and gore. Fans rave over this book.

Psychological Thriller

“The Hideaway” and “The Traveler” are psychological Thrillers that will keep you in suspense with each turn of the page. If you like sick and twisted serial killers this is the book for you. This book has it all intrigue, suspense, and sizzling hot romance.

Echoes On The Bayou

Mia Arnold moved back home to help care for her father who is fighting Multiple Sclerosis. Her life is going perfect. Her new bakery is doing well and she has met a man that turns her insides to molten lava. Detective Chad Picou is the man of her dreams. What Mia doesn’t know is her…

Looking For Something To Read This Weekend – Look No Further

“The Hideaway” and “The Traveler” are sure to keep you in suspense with each turn of the page.  What twisted tortures will these serial killers use on their victims?  Can anyone stop these ellusive killers? “Dr. Frankenstein” is a medical malpractice thriller that will have you wondering which experiment he will perform next on a…