Seven Deadly Sins


He must save the town of Bear Corner, Louisiana from the wicked.  The first of the seven sinners, Pride, has been cleansed of her sins.  He has six more to go before his mission is complete.God chose him for this mission.  He must eradicate the sinners.  Only when those sinners have atoned to their sins will his mother be allowed entry into heaven.  Each day her soul is confined to purgatory is a day of unrest for him as well.  Detective Jo Melancon is determined to catch this killer.  The town is finally starting to find peace from the last killer and she doesn’t want that tranquility broken again.

Rayne Emily Deer


Rayne Emily Deer has always dreamed of helping guide Santa’s sleigh for Christmas.

Even though the other reindeer constantly pick on her, she refuses to stop believing that one day her dream may come true.

She makes sure to eat lots of carrots so that her eyes are better than all the other reindeer, and is always practicing her jumps so that she can jump higher than anyone else.

When a heavy snowstorm sweeps across the North Pole, everyone starts to worry. Will Christmas be canceled, or will Rayne Emily Deer’s dream finally come true?

Chilly the Snowman


Before the first snow in Louisiana could melt, Theresa and her friends rushed outside to build their very own snowman.

After they built their rather funny looking snowman, Andrew realized that his Papa’s lucky fishing hat was just what Chilly the Snowman needed. The children were all surprised when Andrew placed the hat on Chilly’s head and he came to life!

Come follow Theresa and her friends as they celebrate their first snow with Chilly the Snowman!

No One Left


Warning- No One Left is written in the style of a true conspiracy and blurs the line between truth and fiction. Be sure to go into this book with an open mind, and ready to have your mind twisted with what you are about to read.


There have always been people who believe everything is a conspiracy, but most choose to believe our government will protect them. After a plan was made and put into action with only one phone call, one group would be proven right, at a time when everyone needs them to be wrong.

Things were out of control, the deficit is in overdrive there had to be a way to stop it. But who would pay the ultimate price that was an easy decision. Offer something for free and the masses will line up to get it with no questions.

Yet as the body count rises, the people started to fear for their own lives. What was it that was causing all this death, and how could it be stopped?

When all the questions are answered, the people are left speechless and shocked. How could someone they trusted so much, betray them in such a way?



Sometimes, what happens behind closed doors should stay there…

When the women of Campton, Louisiana found a new stay at home job—being a virtual Dominatrix—they are excited about the easy money.  But what seemed to have started out as a dream, quickly becomes a nightmare for many of them.  As they will find out, few things are easy in life and there is always a price to pay.  Some of these women will pay with their lives.

As the city is plagued with unsolved murders, Detectives LeDoux and Riley are faced with the job of finding out what is true, and what is make believe.

It seems the victims only have one thing in common, their jobs.  With everything in an uproar, some people will find love in the strangest of places, while others are 
forced to deal with the consequences of their actions. 

After victim after victim pop up, the Dominatrix’s must start to ask themselves, how far would they be willing to go to provide for their family? What sacrifices are they willing to make to keep their home?  And even more, how many secrets can one woman hold onto before she starts telling someone what happens behind her closed doors?

Deadly Seduction


In the shadows of the room she waits to make her move.  If only he knew how desperately she needs him, needs his love. 

Then she catches a glimpse of his wedding ring.  He thought he had hidden it, but there it is.  Anger rips through her body; rage consumes her very being.  She moves swiftly, her vengeance final.  Poison flows from her fangs.  

By the time the second body is found in a hotel room Detective Brett Landry is certain that their killer is none other than a woman – a cunning woman.  She only leaves behind clues that she wants them to find. 

As the body count increases, the very seductive journalist, Chloe Matthews, frequently graces the crime-scene with her presence.  Detective Landry can’t help but notice that she is always underfoot.  There is something about the woman that really gets under his skin.  The woman is pure trouble, trouble he should stay away from. 

Whenever they are near sparks fly.  Neither are sure how long they can hold off before they give into temptation……

Horror in the Night


Gregory Ferris has been in the business of scaring people on a regular basis for years.  He is very good at what he does.  His haunted house is legendary.  The public and media refer to him as the “master of horror”; wondering how he gets his Halloween props to look so life-like. 

He takes pride in his work.  With each prop he likes to let his imagination run wild.  There are so many different ways to pose a body that would shock and degrade most individuals, but when you add them as an attraction in a haunted house for Halloween the masses can’t seem to get enough.  It is a thrill to know that he can kill with complete anonymity, yet display his works of art for the world to see. 

He is careful in where he finds his props.  He has to be cautious in what he does.  He has to make sure that none of his props could ever be recognized.  This year he has decided to open a second haunted house.  The money is too good.  Then he meets her and falls madly in love.  He doesn’t want to travel far from home anymore.  What should he do?  Can he be careful finding his props this close to home?

Seduced by Voodoo


The battle of good versus evil will soon take place in the bayous of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Bianca Honore with her new vampire lover, Joshua, plan to raise an army of living dead.

Can Father Mark Trahan stop this ever growing evil before it is too late?

Haunted Visions


Detective Grace Hutcherson discovers her pyschic ability is more pronounced suddenly. The dead are now calling out to her, begging for her help. In order to stop the serial killer from hunting victims here in New Orleans, Louisiana she must learn how to use her new abilities.  Her very life could depend on it.