Sometimes, what happens behind closed doors should stay there…

When the women of Campton, Louisiana found a new stay at home job—being a virtual Dominatrix—they are excited about the easy money.  But what seemed to have started out as a dream, quickly becomes a nightmare for many of them.  As they will find out, few things are easy in life and there is always a price to pay.  Some of these women will pay with their lives.

As the city is plagued with unsolved murders, Detectives LeDoux and Riley are faced with the job of finding out what is true, and what is make believe.

It seems the victims only have one thing in common, their jobs.  With everything in an uproar, some people will find love in the strangest of places, while others are 
forced to deal with the consequences of their actions. 

After victim after victim pop up, the Dominatrix’s must start to ask themselves, how far would they be willing to go to provide for their family? What sacrifices are they willing to make to keep their home?  And even more, how many secrets can one woman hold onto before she starts telling someone what happens behind her closed doors?