Horror in the Night


Gregory Ferris has been in the business of scaring people on a regular basis for years.  He is very good at what he does.  His haunted house is legendary.  The public and media refer to him as the “master of horror”; wondering how he gets his Halloween props to look so life-like. 

He takes pride in his work.  With each prop he likes to let his imagination run wild.  There are so many different ways to pose a body that would shock and degrade most individuals, but when you add them as an attraction in a haunted house for Halloween the masses can’t seem to get enough.  It is a thrill to know that he can kill with complete anonymity, yet display his works of art for the world to see. 

He is careful in where he finds his props.  He has to be cautious in what he does.  He has to make sure that none of his props could ever be recognized.  This year he has decided to open a second haunted house.  The money is too good.  Then he meets her and falls madly in love.  He doesn’t want to travel far from home anymore.  What should he do?  Can he be careful finding his props this close to home?