Day at Work Outfit

Detective Jordan Sanders may spend her days catching bad guys, but she doesn’t let ANY regulations the police department may have on her wardrobe, hide her femininity. She dares to be different and unique. After all, she is the only female working at Hope’s Police Department.

When she feels like showing a retro-side, she wears a vintage Oscar de la Renta Blouse, with a black pants suit. Around the office she prefers her heels, but when it comes time to chase down her suspect, she makes sure to keep a pair of tennis shoes in her desk. So “The Hunter” better be prepared, because Jordan is coming after him.

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While Detective Sanders’ salary may limit her on the clothes she buys, shopping on poshmark helps her dollar go further. She also makes certain to include some closet staples – such as a black blazer.

And when the days are too hot for blazers, another closet staple would be black slacks.

The red heels allow her to add a pop of color to her day.

But when her days are over, she wants to show FBI Agent Alex Hamilton that she is all woman.