My Latest Obsession – Roasted Beans

Sorry for all the posts, but I was on “overdrive” in the kitchen today and wanted to share my latest discoveries before I forget – or my life gets crazy again. With doctor’s appointments for Resa this week, I never know when I will have time for postings, much less writing. 

Anyhow, my cardiologist suggested that I try roasting beans to add to my salads. (Oh, and did you know that Olive Garden now sells their salad dressing in the cutest bottles. I am so excited, especially since I am totally addicted to their salad and the closest one is 40 minutes away. Now I can have a taste of Olive Garden even at home. šŸ˜)

Enough rambling – back to the cardiologist visit. He also said it (beans) would be easier on Resa’s tummy than nuts or popcorn.  She has been craving popcorn but that is a big no-no for her. At first I was worried about the hulls of the beans being rough on her stomach, but she didn’t have any issues. 

My husband wasn’t quite impressed with the roasted beans as we were, but I think if I “spice” them  up some more he will love them as much as we do – I hope. 

Since today was a trial – I used canned pinto beans. We rinsed the beans, tossed them in olive oil and various seasonings, and baked them in a 400 degree oven for ten minutes. Well, neither one of us could wait for them to cool once done. They were so good. While they don’t have the same flavor as cashews or popcorn, they did satisfy the envie (craving) Resa had for them.  They do have a nice crunch to them, but next time I will add more seasonings. 

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