Flocking an Artificial Christmas Tree for Under $10

This year Resa decided that she wanted a flocked Christmas Tree.

I had just purchased a pre-owned Christmas tree and decided to let her give this one a face lift. After reviewing several posts online we decided to combine two directions that we liked the best.

Since we already had the ingredients on hand, the cost for me was just the tree, but, even if you bought the ingredients at a local store, the cost is minimal. The most expensive ingredient is the glitter (which you may be able to find at Dollar Tree).

In a disposable bowl, I mixed:

1 small bottle white paint ($.50 at Walmart)
1 can of shaving cream ($1.00)
1 bottle of glue ($.96)
1 jar glitter ($3)

Stir ingredients well (I used a paint brush).

The one mistake I did make was that I decided to paint the tree inside – I would highly recommend that you do this outside as the mixture has a tendency to splatter.




Next carefully brush the mixture on the tree.



And, of course, my OCD daughter is making sure that she doesn’t miss a spot.


Now to wait for it to dry so that we can decorate it.

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