Paper Roses

With the holidays fast approaching and my husband still Ill, I am trying to accomplish as many of my projects as I can.

Since I still have a few pages from the book left I decided to try my hand at paper roses to include in the candy bouquet.

After several failed attempts I finally found something that I could do with my hands not wanting to cooperate because of MS.

First, I cut several different sizes of petals.


Next I applied hot glue to the end and rolled the first petal somewhat tight for the center of the bulb.


I continued to apply hot glue to the end of the petals and wrapped around the center of the bulb.






Once I reached the desired size I stopped and folded the petals to a desired shape


Afterwards I spritzed the flowers with a lightly scented, colored water and glued on a few silk flower leaves that I had here.


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