Repurposed Tie

My daughter has been asking me to help her make a cellphone holder that she would like. She wanted something to clip onto her pants but looked “cool”.

While my sewing skills are improving they are still limited in what I can actually do. While going through our stockpile of items to repurpose I stumbled upon a tie.



After taking measurements and making sure that the cellphone would indeed fit, we cut the tie and sewed up the end. The plus side is that most of the sewing is done already and that the tie is lined.

Since I had a bunch of extra snaps, I decided to use that to keep the cellphone holder closed, but you can also use Velcro.

The keychain is actually hand-sewn in place with a heavy duty thread.

We are both pleased with the results and I plan on making me one to attach to my purse – that way my phone won’t get lost at the bottom of my purse.

These will also make a perfect stocking stuffer.

As far as the remainder of the tie, we are coming up with ideas on that as well.





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