Repurposing Beanie Babies Into Backpack Buddies

Years ago I jumped on the bandwagon and started collecting Beanie Babies. As the years went by and we moved from Coast Guard Station to Coast Guard Station they stayed packed in totes until my youngest discovered them not too long ago.

After coming up with this idea the other day, I wish we had pulled them out years ago (when she was in preK and in her clingy stage). Maybe if she had something she loved attached to her backpack she wouldn’t have feared going to school as much as she did.

Well, anyway, now she loves going to school but she will have something cute to attach to her backpack.

These came out really cute and keep with our theme of recycling/repurposing items.

The luggage tags and key clips were purchased from Amazon. They are carefully sewn onto each beanie baby and checked to make sure they are secured on tightly.









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