Flocking an Artificial Christmas Tree for Under $10

This year Resa decided that she wanted a flocked Christmas Tree.

I had just purchased a pre-owned Christmas tree and decided to let her give this one a face lift. After reviewing several posts online we decided to combine two directions that we liked the best.

Since we already had the ingredients on hand, the cost for me was just the tree, but, even if you bought the ingredients at a local store, the cost is minimal. The most expensive ingredient is the glitter (which you may be able to find at Dollar Tree).

In a disposable bowl, I mixed:

1 small bottle white paint ($.50 at Walmart)
1 can of shaving cream ($1.00)
1 bottle of glue ($.96)
1 jar glitter ($3)

Stir ingredients well (I used a paint brush).

The one mistake I did make was that I decided to paint the tree inside – I would highly recommend that you do this outside as the mixture has a tendency to splatter.




Next carefully brush the mixture on the tree.



And, of course, my OCD daughter is making sure that she doesn’t miss a spot.


Now to wait for it to dry so that we can decorate it.

On this Thanksgiving Day

This year especially I am thankful for my family, friends and all of my supportive fans. In April of this year, my husband was diagnosed with acute renal failure. This has been a roller coaster ride for him and he is still dealing with Renal “Insufficiency”.

Without the help of our friends and family, I’m not sure what I would have done. I am also very thankful for all of my fans who have been patient with the delays and slow responses.

Yes, as I look back on these last few months I realize just how much I do have to be thankful for. But most of all I am thankful that I have my husband here with me, friends and family who will help me without fail, and supportive fans.

Candy Bouquets

One of my favorite things to give is candy bouquets. With each one I make, the more I learn.

I discovered by accident one day that wire mesh not only dresses up the vase, but helps hide the picks that hold the candy.




To make the sticks holding the candy sturdier, I use floral tape to combine a floral pick and a wooden skewer. Both are inexpensive and work well together. I use a hot glue gun on low temp to glue the candy to the picks.


On this particular candy bouquet I used tulle and feathers to dress up the bouquet.


Paper Roses

With the holidays fast approaching and my husband still Ill, I am trying to accomplish as many of my projects as I can.

Since I still have a few pages from the book left I decided to try my hand at paper roses to include in the candy bouquet.

After several failed attempts I finally found something that I could do with my hands not wanting to cooperate because of MS.

First, I cut several different sizes of petals.


Next I applied hot glue to the end and rolled the first petal somewhat tight for the center of the bulb.


I continued to apply hot glue to the end of the petals and wrapped around the center of the bulb.






Once I reached the desired size I stopped and folded the petals to a desired shape


Afterwards I spritzed the flowers with a lightly scented, colored water and glued on a few silk flower leaves that I had here.


Upcycled Vase

So a friend of mine gave me a bunch of glass vases. My plan is to make candy bouquets for Christmas, but I decided to give them a facelift.

This is the before picture.


And since I had the interior of the hardback book left from the leather journal I made I decided to modge Podge it over the vase.

However to hide any mistakes I may make I painted the inside gold. Instead of hand painting the whole inside though I poured the paint in the glass vase and kept twirling this way and that way until it was fully covered.

While the interior dried I cut several pages into various sized strips and began gluing the pages onto the vase.

This is the end result –




Repurposing Bridesmaid/Formal Dresses

Most thrift stores and even some closets are bursting at the seams with flouncy (and yes sometimes tacky) formal dresses, while some are merely outdated and unwanted.

Recently I have been purchasing them for the layers of material that are used for the dresses to line the coffins with, but after the skirt was removed from the bodice my daughter realized that it actually resembled the cape she wanted to make – so needless to say she claimed the skirt for her.




The end result was gorgeous and, thus, started the capes for Lizzy in “The Nightmare Witch Saga”.