Wrinkle Releaser

There is one four letter word that sends shivers down my spine – iron.

The iron is definitely not my best friend and what is worse just about every shirt my husband owns needs to be ironed. The most dreaded of all is his beloved “fishing shirt”

That is until a friend of mine told me about “Downy Wrinkle Release”. I was in heaven. For once a product actually worked like it is supposed to.

Unfortunately 1 bottle never seemed to go very far. Tonight I was too lazy to run to the store and purchase another bottle and definitely didn’t want to bring out the feared iron.

After a search on google I found several recipes. Of course I had to tweak the recipe to my own desires.

This recipe is something most everyone will have in their home too. Plus the cost is actually very minimum, especially if you have everything already.

3 cups distilled water (or bottled water)
2 caps fabric softener
1 tablespoon vinegar (don’t worry you can’t smell the vinegar at all)
1 teaspoon rubbing alcohol (to help with evaporation)

Pour ingredients into a spray bottle. Shake. Ready to use.

With this recipe I barely had to pull in the clothes. It was removing the wrinkles as I sprayed the mixture on. Plus it smelled really good.

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