Poached Eggs

So last night on the way home my family mentioned several times that it has been a very long time since I made “Eggs Benedict”.

Just thinking about poaching an egg sends shivers down my spine. That is the one thing I can never seem to get right.

Putting my fears aside I went to the grocery store while they were still sleeping this morning for all the ingredients to make Eggs Benedict, making sure to pick up an extra dozen eggs just in case.

After the 3rd failed attempt at the stove I scrapped everything I read on the Internet and decided to try something else.

I put a smaller pot of water on to boil and waited until the water was at a rolling boil. Once the water was really boiling I added 1 teaspoon of “Dat Sauce” Hot Sauce.

While the water was boiling and before dropping the egg in I stirred the water clockwise with the handle of a wooden spoon. Next I dropped the egg in and towards the edge of the pot stirred the water clockwise once more.

Woohoo, I actually had a perfectly formed poached egg in no time.

What was even better is since I added the “Dat Sauce” in the water the egg was also perfectly seasoned.

It looks like my family may actually get Eggs Benedict a little more often now.



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