St. Augustine, Florida

We spent our 4th of July in the oldest city of the United States.

It was a perfect spot to spend the day. There is so much history here and so many places to explore.

Our first stop was the “Ripley’s Believe It or Museum”. That was so much for for all of us. We spent well over an hour just looking at all the unique items on display there.

As Resa and I looked over several of the items on display we couldn’t help but think of ways to incorporate them into future books.


As soon as I saw this “vampire kit” I immediately thought of “CarnEvil of Souls”.



These next photos had my mind turning with regards to all the voodoo fiction books I have been writing. I could just see the voodoo queen having items like this to use with her black magic.




As soon as I saw these particular displays my mind went straight to the “nightmare witch” book that I am writing.


Next we went to “The Fountain of Youth”. Again you could just feel the history that surrounds the place. We manages to catch a few of the shows they have there as well as explore the grounds.

I learned so much from the tour guides that I started writing outlines for a few book ideas.


As soon as saw this display I couldn’t help but wonder what the trip was like for the Acadians forced from their homes in Nova Scotia. This particular voyage plays an important part in “Unrequited Love” – which is coming soon.




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