Snappy the Monster from Monsters Everywhere

I would like to thank Debutante Designs for creating Snappy from “Monsters Everywhere”.

This is my first illustrated children’s book.

For more information on where to purchase the book please visit

To purchase Snappy please visit


Florida State Caverns, Marianna, Florida

We made sure to plan our return trip back home where we could stop by the Caverns for the tour.

I made sure to get as much rest as possible the night before so I would be up for the challenge.

I am so glad that I was able to make this particular stop (even though I am paying for it dearly now).

The cavern was so unique and the tour guide shared a lot of history with us. As I was walking through this cave I couldn’t help but develop several different plots in my mind for future books.



St. Augustine, Florida

We spent our 4th of July in the oldest city of the United States.

It was a perfect spot to spend the day. There is so much history here and so many places to explore.

Our first stop was the “Ripley’s Believe It or Museum”. That was so much for for all of us. We spent well over an hour just looking at all the unique items on display there.

As Resa and I looked over several of the items on display we couldn’t help but think of ways to incorporate them into future books.


As soon as I saw this “vampire kit” I immediately thought of “CarnEvil of Souls”.



These next photos had my mind turning with regards to all the voodoo fiction books I have been writing. I could just see the voodoo queen having items like this to use with her black magic.




As soon as I saw these particular displays my mind went straight to the “nightmare witch” book that I am writing.


Next we went to “The Fountain of Youth”. Again you could just feel the history that surrounds the place. We manages to catch a few of the shows they have there as well as explore the grounds.

I learned so much from the tour guides that I started writing outlines for a few book ideas.


As soon as saw this display I couldn’t help but wonder what the trip was like for the Acadians forced from their homes in Nova Scotia. This particular voyage plays an important part in “Unrequited Love” – which is coming soon.




Wild Adventure’s Theme Park in Valdosta, GA

We took a very impromptu vacation for the 4th of July.

My husband offered a ride back home to someone and we found ourselves near Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta, GA.

Well since the weather was not very pretty on the 4th we decided to visit St. Augustine, FL the first day but on Friday we took a chance, praying the weather would hold out, and brought Resa to Wild Adventures.

This was not our first time here but it is definitely in our top five spots to vacation. If we lived closer I am certain we would be there more.

This has to be one of the cleanest theme parks we have ever been to. The staff are very friendly and everything is well laid out. You can tell as soon as you step into the park that the staff takes pride in what they do.

I also love the energy all the staff shows here. This has to be one of the most family oriented parks there is.

There is something there for all age groups. Between the rides, the spray park and the play areas no child will be bored. What is even better is that there is so much to do here the waiting lines for the rides is not too terribly bad.

This park also makes it easy for those of us with handicaps. There are plenty of shaded areas to sit and watch your children play as well as handicap access to rides (which for those of us who cannot do stairs is a plus for sure).

I am constantly trying to find a place that is easy on my body but my 10 year old will enjoy and this meets all our criteria.