While dealing with this current Multiple Sclerosis exacerbation I have come to realize that not enough thanks is given to the caregivers.

As much as I would like to crawl under a rock and wait for the flare up to be done with I know that without Mat here to help me I would be totally lost.

As hard as it is to live with the exacerbation it has to be twice as hard for the caregiver as well. Mat not only has to help me but he has to watch as a take another step backwards.

As much as I would like to stay independent these last few days I have needed help – more in making sure Resa is taken care of, cooking etc.

These last few days Mat has done his regular working job, helped out with Resa and the house, cooked and also make sure that I have not busted my head wide open by falling.

So this morning I would like to take the time to thank Mat for all that he does for me and the family as well as all the other caregivers out there.

You may not think your work is appreciated but it most certainly is.

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