What is the Longest trip you have taken?

I am stealing this question from another post but it did get me thinking about our many adventures we have taken over the years.

I do believe our longest trip was when we left Norfolk, Virginia in 1996. We camped at various locations from Virginia to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Once in Baton Rouge we visited with family members before continuing to Mat’s newest duty station, Anchorage, Alaska.

We continued camping at various state parks on our way up to Anchorage. We had bought a 1976 Blazer which was loaded with all the personal belongings we thought we would need.

There were a few times when we woke up in the middle of the night to find it storming and had to relocate to the Blazer. It was an unforgettable adventure though.

We stopped to visit as many places as we could. Not having traveled much in the past I thoroughly enjoyed every place we went to.

Eight years later we left Anchorage, Alaska for Mat’s next duty station, Morgan City, Louisiana. Well this time we had an extra 2 children and 2 dogs in tow. We packed up the tents thinking what an adventure this will be for both children.

Yeah well camping with an 18 month old in May was not as fun as we thought it would be. When we came up to Anchorage it was in June but when we left it was May. Well let’s just say a month does make a difference. It was cold and Resa was not a happy camper. We spent one night in the tent and that was it – hotel rooms the rest of the way.

We had planned on taking a month off to get to Morgan City but made it in 7 days. We did stop and see some sights but even our oldest was ready to get out of the truck. We had upgraded from the ’76 Blazer to a 1996 GMC Suburban. Thankfully the suburban had a VCR and TV – that was our saving grace.

So now I would love to hear what your longest trip has been.

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