Writing and Imagination

I know that I haven’t been blogging too much lately but I have been very busy writing.  With my latest two books I really late my imagination run wild. 

“Seduced by Voodoo” should be released by August 2013.  With this book I enjoyed writing it so much that it caused me to immediately start wriitng yet another book where my imagination even went farther. 

In “Seduced by Voodoo” the voodoo priestess from “A Deadly Combination” is back.  She has proven to the New Orleans Police Department that mere walls cannot contain her.  She has teamed up wtih a vampire who helps her create the ultimate zombie. 

“Redemption” will be my third vampire novel released by November 2013.  Characters from “CarnEvil ofSouls”, “A Deadly Combination” and “Seduced by Voodoo” will make appearances in this book.  When I first started writing “Redemption” it was just supposed to be about a vampire finding justice for being turned against her will but it ended up being oh so much more. 

My poor editor has her hands full right now.  She has three books sitting on her desk, and soon to be more.  I had every intention of catching up on housework but the laptop was calling my name over and over. 

No sooner than I sat down the next book started flowing onto the paper.  Three thousands words in and I just don’t want to stop writing. 

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