Sharing my husband’s Chicken Sauce Picante Recipe

“Cooking my Famous Chicken / Jalapeño Sausage Sauce Picante on the M/V Ampol Recovery and celebrating Capt Doug’s FORTIETH Bday!!”


* Chicken / Jalapeño Sausage Sauce Picante *

I used a 12inch Black Iron Pot and cooked for 10people today

TWO Chicken Thighs per person
ONE 12oz Hillshire Jalapeño Sausage per 5people
TWO Cups Rice per 5people.

– Put one inch of water in the pot
– Put ONE handful EACH of Dehydrated White Onion and Bell Pepper. (Use FRESH if u have it) OR use 2 cups of Pace Picante Sauce (medium).
– Dust (very thin layer) the top of the water with BEAZELL’s – then a layer of Paprika and then one tablespoon of Cayenne.
– Add a “Layer” of Chicken Thighs.
– Dust chicken with Beazells, Paprika and Garlic Salt.
(Repeat for each layer)
– Cut/Dice/Add Sausage
– Dust the top with Black Pepper and another Tablespoon of Cayenne
– Cover, Bring to boil, then reduce to Medium for approx 45mins until Chicken is cooked.
– Stir every 15 minutes to “Rotate” the Chicken
– Remove Chicken from pot and let cool (until u can remove skin/fat and debone without burning your fingers) OR Skip this step by using Boneless/Skinless to begin with.
– It is now time to start your RICE.
– If you are health-conscience, it is now time to spoon out the Grease. But I leave it in because Pork/Chicken Fat RULES!!
– Now we are at the Step of the Recipe where I “cheat” by using HUNT’s Garlic and Herb Pasta Sauce instead of making my own Tomato Sauce due to time-constraints.
– I used THREE 24oz cans for this Recipe.
– Put your Chicken meat back in the pot (if u had to debone)
– Cook for an additional 20-30 minutes
Then tell your Crew to COME AND GET IT!!
Enjoy! — with Malwen Mat Theriot


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