$.99 eBooks

I have lowered all of my eBooks to $.99 in honor of all the upcoming book signings. There are psychological thrillers, romantic suspense and paranormal romance. Be sure to visit http://www.maryreasontheriot.com for a listing on where to purchase the eBooks

The Dreaded Writer’s Block

I believe my husband found a cure for my writer’s block. Yesterday I was at a complete standstill on which direction I wanted to go with my latest book. The weather was nice so Mat decided it was the perfect time for a motorcycle (bike) ride. Being out there on the open road for three…

Sharing my husband’s Chicken Sauce Picante Recipe

“Cooking my Famous Chicken / Jalapeño Sausage Sauce Picante on the M/V Ampol Recovery and celebrating Capt Doug’s FORTIETH Bday!!” RECIPE: * Chicken / Jalapeño Sausage Sauce Picante * I used a 12inch Black Iron Pot and cooked for 10people today TWO Chicken Thighs per person ONE 12oz Hillshire Jalapeño Sausage per 5people TWO Cups…

Chicken Sandwich Recipe

1 pound chicken breast marinated in Wow Wee Dipping Sauce for at least 5 minutes Season with Beazell’s Cajun Seasoning and Dat Sauce. In a preheated skillet cook chicken breasts until done. Cut pretzel rolls in half, in place of mayo I used Wow Wee Dipping Sauce. Add chicken breasts, Gouda cheese and bacon inside…

Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

If you are looking for Unique Mother’s Day Gifts be sure to visit – DejaVuJewelryandMore http://etsy.me/RZQFrd via @Etsy There is an assortment of body lotions, jewelry and crafts available. I also have several autographed copies of my books available for purchase also.

$.99 eBooks

To help welcome in Spring I have lowered the prices for “Dr. Frankenstein”, “A Deadly Seduction” and “Horror in the Night” eBooks to $.99. “Above Suspicion” and “A Deadly Combination” have also been reduced to $.99. Visit http://www.maryreasontheriot.com to find out where to purchase these books as well as all my other books.

Making Liquid Soap

Yesterday I decided to venture into making liquid soap from semi-scratch. Resa had a few bars of soap that she loves however we could never find it in liquid form since it came from a recent hotel stay. My mom told me how she melted down soap so I decided to give it a try….

Lotions, Body Wash, Soaps and Scrubs

Resa and I have been experimenting with the various essential and carrier oils to add to the line of lotions, soaps, and scrubs. We did extensive research and I absolutely love what she had helped me come up with. I can honestly say that for the first time I don’t hate putting lotion on. It…

Upcoming Book Signings

I am busy getting everything ready for upcoming book signings. I wanted to do something entirely different this time but would pair well with a good book (as well as unique). Then it hit me – bubble bath and candles. However I can’t forget that the book is about voodoo and the mafia so we…

New Fragrance Line

Resa and I have been “experimenting” these last few days with fragrances and essential oils. It looks as if Mat and I may have a chemist on our hands. She had asked us recently if she could come up with her own perfume. We started small with body spray but then I let her do…

Voodoo Dolls

Resa and I have been super bust this weekend. Today’s project was voodoo doll keychains. They came out way too cute, in a creepy kin The voodoo dolls are available for purchase at DejaVuJewelryandMore http://etsy.me/RZQFrd via @Etsy