The Dreaded Writer’s Block

I believe my husband found a cure for my writer’s block. Yesterday I was at a complete standstill on which direction I wanted to go with my latest book. The weather was nice so Mat decided it was the perfect time for a motorcycle (bike) ride. Being out there on the open road for three…

Sharing my husband’s Chicken Sauce Picante Recipe

“Cooking my Famous Chicken / Jalapeño Sausage Sauce Picante on the M/V Ampol Recovery and celebrating Capt Doug’s FORTIETH Bday!!” RECIPE: * Chicken / Jalapeño Sausage Sauce Picante * I used a 12inch Black Iron Pot and cooked for 10people today TWO Chicken Thighs per person ONE 12oz Hillshire Jalapeño Sausage per 5people TWO Cups…

Chicken Sandwich Recipe

1 pound chicken breast marinated in Wow Wee Dipping Sauce for at least 5 minutes Season with Beazell’s Cajun Seasoning and Dat Sauce. In a preheated skillet cook chicken breasts until done. Cut pretzel rolls in half, in place of mayo I used Wow Wee Dipping Sauce. Add chicken breasts, Gouda cheese and bacon inside…

Making Liquid Soap

Yesterday I decided to venture into making liquid soap from semi-scratch. Resa had a few bars of soap that she loves however we could never find it in liquid form since it came from a recent hotel stay. My mom told me how she melted down soap so I decided to give it a try….

Voodoo Dolls

Resa and I have been super bust this weekend. Today’s project was voodoo doll keychains. They came out way too cute, in a creepy kin The voodoo dolls are available for purchase at DejaVuJewelryandMore via @Etsy