March is MS Awareness Month

With March being MS Awareness Month it has me thinking more and more of my journey with this hated disease.

When I was diagnosed with MS it did have me take a look at my life and there were some things that it did change for the better.

I often wonder if it hadn’t been for MS if I would have ever had my youngest daughter. We had several miscarriages and had actually given up on ever having a child so we adopted. I have no regrets about adopting and love out oldest son as if he was our biological.

Without MS I wouldn’t have stopped working and dedicated my life to my family.

But then you have the bad as well I suffer with depression and stay in constant pain. I may be a bitch at times but at a certain point in the day I can no longer take the pain and it does become too much.

There are a lot of things in my life I can no longer do and I am finally starting to accept that. However if it hasn’t been for MS then I may have never started writing also.

I am truly learning how to take the good and bad MS has thrown my way to make my life work for me

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