La Quinta Inn Kingwood, Texas

We have stayed in various hotels over the years, from the Ritz Carlton, Hilton to Super 8, and I can honestly say that La Quinta Inns have been our favorite hotel by far. Whenever we go somewhere now that is where we stay.

When it came time for the book signing we knew exactly where we wanted to stay once again.

Gail at La Quinta Inn went above and beyond what she had to do for us to have a very pleasant stay. All of the staff there was very helpful and courteous.

Once again we were not disappointed with our stay at a La Quinta Inn. One of these days I will find out what mattress set it is that they have there. It is pure heaven. Even the pillows are wonderful. I look forward to staying there in October.







Book Signing at Half Price Books

A very special thank you to Andi Kay Klemm at the Humble Half Price Books for arranging the book signings for Saturday.

If anyone hasn’t been to a Half Price Books I highly recommend it. I fell in love with the stores right away. Not only is the staff there very helpful but the prices are great as well





And I can’t forget to thank Yummy Tummy Pastries for donating 4 dozen of the best cookies I have ever had.

Be sure to check them out at





March is MS Awareness Month

With March being MS Awareness Month it has me thinking more and more of my journey with this hated disease.

When I was diagnosed with MS it did have me take a look at my life and there were some things that it did change for the better.

I often wonder if it hadn’t been for MS if I would have ever had my youngest daughter. We had several miscarriages and had actually given up on ever having a child so we adopted. I have no regrets about adopting and love out oldest son as if he was our biological.

Without MS I wouldn’t have stopped working and dedicated my life to my family.

But then you have the bad as well I suffer with depression and stay in constant pain. I may be a bitch at times but at a certain point in the day I can no longer take the pain and it does become too much.

There are a lot of things in my life I can no longer do and I am finally starting to accept that. However if it hasn’t been for MS then I may have never started writing also.

I am truly learning how to take the good and bad MS has thrown my way to make my life work for me

10th Published Book

Even though “A Deadly Combination” is the 10th book that I have published this time I was extremely nervous about its release.

This book is something very different than the other books I have written. I decided to have several Mafia Families fighting for control in New Orleans, LA but they also used voodoo to get to their enemies.

This book has a little of everything in it.

What happens when you combine Mafia, Voodoo, Zombies, and Betrayal all in one book? You get “A Deadly Combination”

The Mafia Prince believes he has found a way to get to his enemies without ever going near them. First he must convince the voodoo priestess to help him.

Bianca Honore has been studying Black Magic in New York ever since she left home. Her grandmere has called her back home and Bianca cannot refuse.

Bianca has felt New Orleans calling her of late. She has a feeling her destiny is waiting for her in the beloved city.



Vocabulary Day Parade Costume

This is a very bittersweet year for me. Next year my baby girl will be in Jr High.

This is her last year to participate in the Vocabulary Day Parade. I can’t believe the time has gone by this fast.

Word of the day is


Preparing her makeup


She even found a use for pants that were too short


And here is the finished prosict