A Kiss So Deadly

“A Kiss So Deadly” is not only my first true paranormal romance but it is a book that holds a special place in my heart.

My parents and I worked on this book to make sure the little details were correct. My dad’s family did have a plantation home for many generations. I actually have a dresser that was built from some of the wood in that plantation home. This particular dresser was handmade as a wedding gift from my dad.

During the late 1800’s a murder did occur on the plantation grounds.

The haunted plantation I write about in the book existed as well. It was a family home for an aunt’s husband. Several times when we would visit my aunt you could find the piano mysteriously playing.

A presence could be felt in the house but it was never one that caused you to fear it.

My in laws worked with me on the historical facts. My husband’s family made their way to Louisiana by Nova Scotia. I had wanted to include the plight that the Cajuns went through to get here. It was my no means a pleasant experience. Some were torn from their loved ones while in Nova Scotia and forced to leave their homes that they had worked hard to build.

“A Kiss So Deadly” can be found at amazon.com and smashwords.com. Soon on Nook and iBook.

Bridgette Marquette finds herself torn between 2 men but could one of them have sinister motives? A Kiss So Deadly


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