Multiple Sclerosis and Depression

It seems as if multiple sclerosis and depression go hand in hand yet most of us hide the fact that we suffer from depression.

I must admit that I am one that doesn’t like to tell anyone that the depression can be overwhelming at times.  There is nothing wrong with admitting that the depression and the disease is getting to you, it happens to all of us that suffer with most autoimmune diseases.

Even now as I am writing this post I am having a hard time figuring out exactly what to say except that there is nothing wrong in telling someone that the depression is getting to you.  I have a good friend that I can turn to when the depression becomes overwhelming.  I do beleive we all need someone we can turn to when things get so bad that you just need someone to vent to.

I have also found that for some reason yoga helps me find some kind of inner peace.  I haven’t figured out why but for a short while I can actually clear my mind and find some sort of peace.

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