A Compelling Medical Malpractice Thriller

Dr. Anthony Habersham is a prestigious trauma surgeon at St. Anne’s Hospital in Springport, Louisiana.  He, however, may not be the surgeon you want operating on you.  Patients and colleagues consider his bed side manner to be atrocious.  He cares of no one but himself.

There is no way to know what minor changes he may have performed on your body.  These changes may kill you later on in life, but that doesn’t concern him.  The only reason behind any modifications he may perform to your body is because he can and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

While jumping on her brand new trampoline, practicing her flips, Jessica Stanford accidentally fell off and broke her ankle, or shattered it to be more specific.  The on-call orthopedic surgeon is busy with another operation so Dr. Habersham is called in.  Jessica’s unfortunate accident has Dr. Habersham wondering.  What would happen if he were to inadvertently remove a small portion of her ankle bone?  Will it heal correctly?  Will she be able to walk properly?  Very few pediatric cases come through the doors as traumas, and this may be his only chance to find out.

“Dr. Frankenstein” is sure to keep readers in suspense until the very end.  How many patients will Dr. Habersham “experiment” on?  Will his malicious curiosity ever be found out?  Dr. Frankenstein is sure to be a hit with the lovers of medical malpractice and legal thrillers.

Mary Reason Theriot is a Louisiana native who has lived in various states as her husband served in the United States Coast Guard.  Until being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2001 she worked in the legal field.  Her youngest daughter encouraged her to write.  Writing is a great therapy in her own personal fight against MS.

Other novels by Mary Theriot are “The Hideaway” and “The Traveler”.  All books are available as eBook through Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook as well as smashwords.  Paperback is available for purchase through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Follow Mary Reason Theriot on Twitter@Mktheriot

Visit Mary Reason Theriot’s website to see what other books will be Coming Soon at www.MaryReasonTheriot.com.


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