Fan Review of “Above Suspicion”

I just wanted to share a comment one of my fans posted on my Facebook page.

“Above Suspicion” is by far your best work yet!  I couldn’t put it down at home or work.  Every five minutes I was sneaking a peek!  I am an avid James Patterson fan, I read everything he publishes.  I would step out and say “Above Suspicion” is right up there with his greatest hits.  I loved it!  Kuddos, my dear!

Thanks so much Liz for the support and to the rest of my fans as well.  I truly enjoy writing.  I never knew that I had this in me.

If it wouldn’t have been for my Multiple Scelrosis I never may have known that I had this love.  I have turned something that I thought was the end of the world for me to a new chapter in my life.  If only I could type these books out as fast as I come up with the ideas.

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