Buffalo Chicken Patties or Sausage Recipe

For those of you who are feeling adventerous this recipe is sooooo worth the trouble. When I make this it is gone before I know it.

15 pounds bonless chicken thighs (you can just the breast meat but the sausage/patties do tend to come out a little dryer. If you prefer to use the chicken breasts I would suggest melting 2 sticks of butter to add to the mixture or more Frank’s Hot Sauce)

3 to 5 pounds bacon – my family likes the bacon flavor so I add the whole 5 pounds. (I like to use the large pack of bacon ends that the local grocery store here sells)

1 large bottle of Frank’s hot sauce (if you can’t find the large bottle of Frank’s just use 2 regular sized bottles)

1 large container of crumbled blue cheese (32 oz)

Note: I find the large containers of Blue Cheese and Frank’s Hot Sauce at Sam’s.

Beazell’s Cajun Seasoning to taste – as this makes a big batch you will more than likely need a handful of seasoning for all the ground meat

In a meat grinder grind the chicken and bacon, alternating between the two or combining the two. I have the larger feeder on my kitchen aid grinder so I can add the thigh meat and bacon together. Either way is fine.

I have found that it is easier to place the large disposable aluminum trays at the base of the grinder to catch the meat as it falls. This allows me to incorporate the remaining ingredients a lot easier.

Once the meat has been ground down add the Frank’s Hot Sauce and Beazell’s Seasoning incorporating well. Fold in the Blue Cheese Crumbles.

From here take a small handful to make a test patty. Before making the sausage or patties for the freezer/serving I ALWAYS make a sampe to taste. This way you can adjust the seasonings as needed now. I learned this the hard way. Once the sausage is made there is no adjusting the seasoning.

After sampling if you find that it needs more Frank’s, seasoning or blue cheese now is the time to add it. Also if you find that there isn’t enough bacon or chicken taste you can add more. You can also add bits of celery leaves or chopped celery. I prefer to just use the Beazell’s since it already has the celery in it.

Form into patties and/or sausage links. The sausage casing can be found at Cabella’s or sometimes your local grocery store. I prefer to make it in patties for hamburgers, etc but other members of my family like it in sausage links so I always make both.

If you don’t have the meat grinder, don’t fret. Antoher quick and easy way to make these into patties is to purchase the ground pork/chicken from your local grocery store. Using the ground pork may not give it the same smoky flavor but it will add some fat to the chicken and help keep the patties moist. For every 3 pounds of ground chicken you can use 1 pound of ground pork. I have used all chicken before but it does not come out as moist as when using the fat from the bacon or ground pork.

You can also make these into meatballs for mini appetizers.


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