Excerpt from Deadly Seduction

The clock strikes midnight.  Something in the air seems to change.  Something sudden and mysterious seems to take over her, filling her with vengeance.  Wind driven clouds swirl into the path of the silvery moon, creating shadows along the room. 

What was once calm begins to stir.  Where there was once order there is now turmoil.  From the gathering darkness her new life emerges.  Pure evil takes its form. 

In the shadows of the room she waits to make her move.  She watches him, calculating and wondering if he is her true love.  Her life is so cold and empty without love. 

His heart skips a beat at the thought of what she will do to him.  The way she will touch him, caress him, let him take her.  He wonders how daring she will be. 

If only he knew how desperately she needs him, needs his love.  She won’t keep him waiting for long.  Teasingly, she walks across the room.  Her curvaceous body outfitted in the perfectly fitted leather bustier and crotchless panties.  The candlelight flickers romantically across the room.  The setting is perfect. 

He is captured by her beauty.  Oh, what a tease she is.  He will get his money’s worth tonight.  She is intriguing him, testing his limits.  He wonders how long she will make him wait. 

Tonight is the night a lover will lust for her, partake of her body.  Love her.  How she has desired a man such as him.  She can’t wait to smell him, feel his body beneath hers and make sweet love to him.  It’s been so long since she has felt love’s sweet embrace.  Love is never far from her mind lately.  She misses that feeling when desire coils inside of her, begging to be released in ecstasy.  She wants true love, passion and above all sexual satisfaction.  Is he the one that will take her on that high? 


Available on Nook, Kindle and Smashwords. 

For links on where to buy visit www.maryreasontheriot.com

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