Excerpt From Above Suspicion

The air is thick with the impending summer.  Her skin is slick with sweat already.  The humidity is still heavy in the air, even at this late hour.  The dank smells of the marshland fills the air. It is eerily quiet, even the crickets seem to be silent tonight.  There is no traffic out at all on the road.   Even the surrounding bayous are devoid of boaters.


Up ahead she thinks she hears some rustling in the woods. God she hopes she’s not going to run into an alligator. Seriously, what the hell is she doing out here. She needs to turn around and go home. She squints into the night trying to see what made the rustling noise. Maybe it is a squirrel or something small. For a fleeting second she swears she sees a shadow dart through the woods. It is almost as if something evil is looming out there in the darkness, waiting.  Now she is scared.

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