I normally do not voice my opinion about politics or religion. However, after yesterday’s election and all the posts on Facebook, etc I felt there was one element of this election that concerns me.

Today especially social media sites are full of friends and family arguing over the results. I am seeing friendships ended over the constant bickering going back and forth. Worse, families are being divided over this.

I am not saying that this election was not important nor am I saying that you should not be able to speak your mind. This is America and one of the great things about this country is freedom of speech. All I am asking is, do you really what you want this to come between you and your family. Do you want to end a friendship over this argument?

With this being November we need to really look at our lives and find what we are really thankful for. I for one am thankful for my friends and family. Several of my closest friends and family voted for the opponent but we didn’t end our relationships over our difference of opinion.

Last night while several people were arguing over the election a soldier received orders that he is to leave his family and friends. He is given a moment’s notice that he is to be deployed, not knowing when he will see his family or friends again. He knows not how long he will be gone or where his destination is, but he does know he is going to fight for his country.

He may not be here to celebrate his wedding anniversary or to see his child being born but without question he heads out into the unknown to defend this country.

A spouse cries themselves to sleep over the absence of their loved one, not knowing if he/she is safe. A son or daughter wonders when they will see their mom or dad again. A mother and father worry constantly about their child serving in the military. This is the life they chose, without question. They want to defend this great land.

We do live in the United States if America. This great country has seen its share of tyrannies and through it all we have survived. We have risen from the destruction of the civil war, the Great Depression and more importantly 9/11. We shall not give up but continue to fight for our country.

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