Busy Days

I haven’t been on the computer much but my youngest daughter has been sick so I have been busy taking care of her.

We gave been spending our days doing all kinds of arts and craft projects since she couldn’t go outside.

I am just now getting caught up on writing, or trying to. I am actually almost finished with book 10.

I am torn between Her Mafia Prince or A Deadly Combination








4 thoughts on “Busy Days

  1. This is Bayou Woman. I just noticed you “LIKED” my Facebook page, which I assume means you read my blog post today about the Copperhead Studios? Anyway, I googled you and found you here, and I’m going to read your E-Book, The Hideaway! Thanks for liking my page, and please leave a comment next time you’re on the blog so I will know you were there!!! Do you have a FB page for your books?

    1. Yes I do and yes I did see your blog post about Copperhead Studios. I made sure to share it with my fanpage so that more people can see what all Louisiana has to offer. My page for the books is The Hideaway by Mary Reason Theriot. I will forward you the page link in a bit.

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