Cherished Memories

Tonight Resa and I made chicken and gravy just like my MaMa Griffin made when I was growing up.

As I was preparing it to cook I took the time to tell Resa about my grandmother and how she used to make this exact dish.

I wish Resa would have been able to meet PaPa and MaMa Griffin because she has a lot of each of them in her.

PaPa was an avid gardner and so is Resa. Another thing they have in common is their desire to stay home. PaPa never liked to go far from his house and munchkin is the same exact way. That child hates to go anywhere and as soon as we get to where we are going she is ready to get back home. She is a true homebody. LOL

Resa has a passion in her for cooking just as my grandmother did and I am hoping it stays with her.

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