So with each passing day I find more and more things my hubby and daughter can eat.

Today I actually made mayonnaise from scratch. I added some Beazell’s Cajun Seasoning and it is actually pretty good. Next time though I think I will use a light extra virgin olive oil instead of vegetable oil.

For bread we use croissants.

Another plus is you do tend to lose weight not eating all the carbs. I eat the same thing that they do, no way am I cooking two different meals.


Busy Writing

I couldn’t resist. I was too anxious to get started on another book.

Unfortunately I have started two books and am busy writing down ideas for them both.

Not sure which one I will focus on more but the plots for both are quickly coming together.

Guess I will focus on laundry tomorrow. I did manage to get the main part of the house spic and span today

Coming Soon – Deadly Seduction

In the shadows of the room she waits to make her move. She watches him, calculating and wondering if he is her true love. Her life is so cold and empty without love.

If only he knew how desperately she needs him, needs his love. Teasingly, she walks across the room. The candlelight flickers romantically across the room. The setting is perfect. He is the one. She knows it…

She catches a glimpse of his wedding ring. He thought he had hidden it, but there it is. He is supposed to be the one. Why is he doing this to her? She can’t take another woman’s husband. When will it be her turn? What about her desires?

Anger rips through her body; rage consumes her very being. She moves swiftly, her vengeance final. Poison flows from her fangs. The rest is a blur. She will make this cheating bastard suffer just like he made her suffer. Fair is fair after all. She gives a new meaning to the phrase “killer sex.”

Coming Soon – Horror in the Night

Gregory Ferris has been in the business of scaring people on a regular basis for years. He is very good at what he does. His haunted house is legendary. The public and media refer to him as the “master of horror”; wondering how he gets his Halloween props to look so life-like.

He takes pride in his work. With each prop he likes to let his imagination run wild. There are so many different ways to pose a body that would shock and degrade most individuals, but when you add them as an attraction in a haunted house for Halloween the masses can’t seem to get enough. It is a thrill to know that he can kill with complete anonymity, yet display his works of art for the world to see.

He is careful in where he finds his props. He has to be cautious in what he does. He has to make sure that none of his props could ever be recognized. This year he has decided to open a second haunted house. The money is too good. Then he meets her and falls madly in love. He doesn’t want to travel far from home anymore. What should he do? Can he be careful finding his props this close to home?

Coming Soon – Above Suspicion

Detective Rick Baptiste moved to Bayou Black, Louisiana to get away from the senseless violence that seemed to plague the city of N’Awlins. After years of working homicide in N’Awlins, Detective Baptiste saw how truly twisted the human mind can be. Now that same evil seems to have infiltrated this peaceful town he has been calling home these last few months.

At first it was just reports of young women going missing. Now with the discovery of the latest victim’s body he is convinced they are dealing with a killer who has no intentions of stopping.

Who among the citizens of Bayou Black could be doing this? The deaths of these young women are much later than when they were reported missing. Where are they being held? What makes him kill them after a certain period of time?

And to make matters worse for Detective Baptiste the Assistant District Attorney Kathryn Bryant starts making demands on the case. The woman is just as headstrong as she is beautiful. In his mind that’s a dangerous combination. If she is here it can only mean trouble.

Dutch Harbor Alaska Beer Batter Recipe

This is really good when you want fish ‘n chips. Also works great for onion rings, mushrooms, veggies and oysters.

1 cup flour
7/8 cup cornstarch
2 1/4 teaspoon baking powder
2 Tablespoons Beazell’s Cajun Seasoning
3/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1 can beer

Mix until batter is the consistency or cream. If batter is too thick add more beer.

Recipe for Cushaw (squash)

With fall right around the corner I wanted to share another one of my favorite recipes. This is a childhood favorite of mine.

Every holiday we had this and it brings me back to those days.

If you cannot find a Cushaw butternut and acorn squash work just as well. White pumpkins also work.

1 medium – boiled, steamed or roasted until tender (I mash mine when done)
1 egg
1 cup sugar
2 T flour
1 tsp vanilla
1 stick butter

Mix ingredients until smooth. Place in a baking dish. Sprinkle nutmeg on top.

Bake at 350 degrees until brown and bubbly on top. Serve warm