Excerpt from The Traveler

He waits in utter anticipation for the rush that is about to come. His skin tingles from head to toe as the euphoria of the moment takes over his body. His first kill was unintentional and impetuous; a fortuitous accident that showed him his course in life. Over the years he has perfected his avocation, learning to be innovative with his torture techniques. What makes him so superb at his avocation is that he has no empathy towards people.

Motorhomes make great vacation vehicles for some people. You can travel across the country and never have to worry about finding a hotel. All the conveniences of home are at your fingertips. The Traveler has found his personal motorhome has many more uses than just for sleep and travel. It is great for other activities as well. With this particular motorhome, he has the convenience of committing murder anywhere he likes while traveling across the country. His motorhome is self-contained, portable and contains a sound proof bedroom with a few extra modifications. It stores all his toys in it as well. His recreational vehicle gives a whole new meaning to toy hauler. His is truly one of a kind.

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