Hurricane preparation

Once again it’s time to prepare for a hurricane. I hate the uncertainty of this. All we can do right now is sit and wait. This year however I am going north, not west and that is only it I have to. Looks like I will get to do nothing but write for a few…

Paranormal ending??

Finishing up Book 7. Just wrote the ending. Added a paranormal touch. Now enjoying some boiled crab and shrimp that we picked up from Jack Miller’s Landing. Talk about good

Book 7

Not only did I have a great day with my husband but I also managed to complete 99% of book 7. Just need to finalize a few other details and it will be ready to send off to be proofread

The Traveler

What happens when the kid you bullied in schools seeks retribution? Find out in The Traveler….

Coming Soon

Dr. Frankenstein will be available for purchase soon. It is a medical malpractice thriller.

Special thanks

I would like to thank Klutts Jewelers, KQKI, and all the book lovers who came out and supported me in the pouring rain. Today was a huge success and I couldn’t have done it without you.