Wonderful Day

So I actually had a very nice morning with my son. He sat down and wanted to know more about the current book I am writing. He also let me bounce some ideas off of him as well as discuss several options.

Not only that but he sat down and composed several music pieces to use with my book trailers. I am one very proud mother.

If nothing else comes from writing these books there is no denying they have brought us closer. It is almost as if writing these books has become a family activity.

I can still remember when he was my daughter’s age. It is hard to believe how time flies. I still can’t believe 12 years ago he was Resa’s age. I pulled out the pictures to show Resa what her brother looked like at her age.

It Is hard to believe God brought him into our life 12 years ago. It has been one heck if a journey, but one my husband and I have no regrets with. He is turning into one very well adjusted young man. We are extremely blessed.

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