Future Books

I have had a few people to ask if all my books are gory.  Not all are gory. 

Dr. Frankenstein – currently at copyrighter – Is a medical malpractice thriller.  A doctor can’t help himself.  He is curious about what could possibly happen to his patients during surgery when he purposefully commits medical malpractice. 

Above Suspicion – currently at copyrighter – Is a romantic suspense thriller.  Young women are disappearing around town.  Several days later their loved ones receive a text stating that they had to get away for a while.  The only problem is they have been taken against their will.  Their captor has plans for his “flock”.  Their is only one way out – till death do you part. 

Horror in the Night – currently at copyrighter – This is a gruesome thriller.  Similiar to House of Wax but with a twist.  I may be cutting this one close but hoping it will be released for Halloween.  His haunted houses are famous.  His followers can’t wait for his new haunted house to open.  He has been working hard on his props this year.  He takes extreme pride in creating his props for the Haunted House.  Critics and fans alike can’t get over how lifelike his displays look.  This time he has broken his one cardinal rule and to always find his muses away from home.