Book Signing

Hope to see everyone at the book signing on Saturday in Clinton, LA. If you bought an eBook please stop by and say hi.

Happy Birthday Yuri

I still can’t believe my oldest son is 22 years old. Wishing him a very happy birthday!!!


A very special thanks to all those who are out in this weather trying to get the electricity up and going. The weather wasn’t near as bad as it could have been but it is still not something I would want to be out in.

The Traveler

So all morning I have been fighting with getting The Traveler submitted to smash words and Resa hits one button and the problem is fixed. Ugh. Anyway, if all goes well The Traveler will be available for Nook and Apple soon.

Future Books

I have had a few people to ask if all my books are gory.  Not all are gory.  Dr. Frankenstein – currently at copyrighter – Is a medical malpractice thriller.  A doctor can’t help himself.  He is curious about what could possibly happen to his patients during surgery when he purposefully commits medical malpractice.  Above Suspicion…


The animals must sense something is in the air. The dog refuses to go outside unless I go with her. Resa decided to crawl in bed with me and her kittens had to follow. Oh joy. This is going to be a very long night.


Moved a lot of the stuff in the garage and shed just in case the hurricane does head this way. Now Im worn out but if we have to leave tomorrow we are good to go