Lesson Learned

I learned an important lesson today. Don’t tell someone where you actually bought a piece of jewelry.

I found a really nice ring at a local pawn shop that had a unique green stone in it. While out with Mat this afternoon I stopped by a jeweler in Lafayette to see if he could tell me what it was.

He was curious why I wanted to know so I told him where I had found it and he went on to explain to me how it wasn’t worth his time. He went on to further tell me that the jewelry from pawn shops is worthless.

You don’t know how hard it was for me to bite my tongue. I happen to be friends with people that do run a pawn shop and know that some very nice jewelry can be purchased there.

I had already found a ring for sale at this jewelry store and was going to purchase it. The way he treated me I honestly had no qualms about telling the young sales girl that I had changed my mind.

I decided to let him know the reason I buy jewelry from pawn shops is that I like to reset the stones in more current settings.

Munchkin had also found her a necklace that she liked. His attitude cost him a sale.

As we were leaving I told Resa that is why we teach her to never judge a book by its cover. The jeweler judged the rings by where the stones were bought, not even looking at them and didn’t see me as a potential customer.

Ok, I guess I have ranted enough. One of these days I will find someone that can tell me what the gemstone is in this ring.

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