What Have I Done

As I am sitting here finishing up Book 5 my mind starts to wander. 

It just dawned on me that I actually put myself out there for the world to see.  Sink or swim, my first book is out there for everyone to read. Now people will find out about the real me, not the person they think I am.  I present myself to some as quiet (and yes around some people I can be quiet).

Not only do I have a book available on Amazon (and soon Barnes and Noble), but I have started a blog, Facebook page, twitter, tumblr and google+.  Soon I will have a website and several more books published.

Maybe I didn’t think this through before I dove in.  I have always been the one who prefers to do things behind the scenes, not needing the attention.  Now everyone that knows me will find out that they never really knew the true me. 

I have opened myself up more in these last few months than I have ever done.  Only those that have ever been really close to me have known how my mind truly works. 

I’m not sure why I kept my true-self hidden, maybe it was the fear of what people would really think of me if they knew what really went through my head. 

WIth each book, I let a little more of myself show.  At first, I truly worried about publishing the book, wondering what people would think when they read it. 

Now I am glad I decided to take the chance and publish The Hideaway. 

Thank you all for your Support.   It has been a very humbling experience.

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