Writing is helping me learn patience. This is one thing I’ve NEVER been good at. I don’t like to wait and now I am learning that with writing you must wait.

It seems like it took forever for me to write my first book and now that it’s available to the public I’m ready to get the rest of what I’ve written out there. But, oh yeah, you have to wait.

First I wait for the book to be proofread and edits made. Next comes copyright. It takes at least three months at the copyrighter.

I have several book ideas floating around my head and if I could get them all written at once I think I would. I’m trying to wait and finish one book at a time, but it’s not working. Today I started the outlines for two more books. Developing the plot, characters etc.

I’m honestly trying to learn patience but I do feel for my proofreader and publicist. I think I may actually drive them nuts.

One thought on “Patience

  1. The Audubon Library here in Clinton is ordering your book, “The Hideaway” for me. I can’t wait to read it!!

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