Writer’s Block

So, this morning I developed a serious case of writer’s block – or MS brain fog. I’m honestly not sure which it is, but I’m thinking I’ll just blame both.

I sat at my desk for over an hour just staring at the computer screen. I was coming up with plenty of ideas I just couldn’t write them down for some reason. My hands just refused to cooperate.

One of those days where I’m guessing nothing wanted to click for me. I found out the hard way that water won’t boil if you don’t turn the stove on. Oh yeah, this day is going very well.

Last day of my daughter’s play and we manage to get there just in time. But thankfully we made it and it’s intermission right now. The kids are doing an absolutely fantastic job.

This break may be just what I needed. I can feel the brain fog lifting. Looking forward to getting home and back to writing.

Have a great afternoon.

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